If you are in love or just love the idea of it, here are some great romantic apps for your iPhone:

The iWrite: Love Poems is a $1.99 and will help you generate eight different styles of love poems. It will help you brainstorm ideas, give you step by step ways to create the perfect poem, or generate one for you.

The Love Poem Generator is free and similar to the iWrite: Love Poems app for iPhone, except it creates funnier poems.

The Valentine Postage app for iPhone is free and is a special Valentine’s app that generates ecards. You can add your own images and add a variety of effects and then share what you created via email or Facebook.

The StickerJam Hearts – Free app for iPhone is similar to Valentine Postage, but it’s free to download and use.

The Creative Romantic Ideas iPhone app costs $0.99 and has a variety of great and unique date ideas. You can search through the ideas based on price or difficulty level and get a list of any items  you might need.

The 20 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver is $7.99 and has a variety of recipes so you can cook a romantic dinner.

Similar free cooking apps for iPhone include Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner or Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List.

The Be Mine Hearts app for iPhone is free and allows you to send virtual candy hearts. You just shake your iPhone until you get the heart with the message you want and can also add your own message and then it via email.

The Send eFlowers iPhone app allows you to send virtual flowers via email or MMS. It costs $0.99.

The iFlirt app for iPhone is $0.99 and is for singles. It generates pickup lines and offers dating tips.

The iXplode – Valentine’s Day app is $0.99 and explodes virtual items related to Valentine’s Day such as candy, roses and teddy bears. You can also send the videos as Anti-Valentine’s Day cards.