To help iPad users get the most out of their iPads, here are more of the best free iPad Apps for 2014. You can find more at Best Free iPad Apps for 2014.

The Paper by FiftyThree app for iPad is a beautiful sketch book that comes with books and a pen tool, additional tools are sold separately via in app purchases.

The Telegraph Pictures for iPad app offers 12 new images every day and those are stored for two weeks so you can explore fantastic imagery whenever you like.

The Sticky Notes for iPad app is just like the real sticky notepads, only they are for your iPad.

The Pinterest app for iPad allows you to conveniently access your Pinterest account and collect your favorite images for your hobby, lifestyle or work.

The Vevo HD iPad app lets you search through an entire catalog of 75,000 music videos from more than 21,000 artists. There are live concerts you can stream, you can create playlists and more.

The Quark’s DesignPad app for iPad includes a variety of ready-made documents and finished work can be exported or emailed for quick collaborations.

The Gmail iPad app gives you all the features of Gmail in an easy to navigate fashion.

The Solar Walk app allows you to peruse the solar system in full, Retina iPad glory.

The TeamViewer HD app for iPad give you remote access to your computer or other people’s computers so you can access all your important data whenever you need it.

The Cloze app is perfect if you want to combine all your social media networks into a single inbox.

The Haiku Deck app for iPad now includes charts, graphs, bulleted lists and other fun and easy to use tools.

The Tumblr iPad app makes managing your Tumblr account much easier and allows you to queue posts, likes, replies and re-blogs without a web connection.

The Homestyler app lets you take a photo of your room and paint it, add furniture and other accessories so you can plan the room out before you decorate it.

The Podcasts app makes it possible to create custom station that will auto-update in iCloud. You can also create custom episode lists.

The HD iPad release of the Calorie Counter app lets you create charts, breakdown calories and interact with fellow dieters.

The Google Drive app give you all the access to your Googld Drive and lets you create documents and spreadsheets.

The Fotopedia Wild Friends is a conservation initiative and the thousands of stunning images are back by interactive maps, stories and information.