The “Find My Friends” app for iPhone allows you to conveniently stay in touch with your friends if you are trying to find them at the mall, on a family trip or anywhere else you might want to meet up with them. This makes it convenient to wander off from each other and meet up later, or quickly locate each other if you happen to become separated in a crowd.

To set up Find my Friends on your iPhone, download the free app from the App Store. Once the app has finished downloading, tap on the icon and login with your Apple ID once the app opens. From that point you need to agree to Push Notifications and Location Sharing and you do need to agree to these or the app won’t work right.

After choosing to enable Push Notifications and Location Sharing in the Find My Friends app for iPhone you can add friends by tapping on the plus button and then enter the email addresses of the friends you want to be able to find. Your friends will need to accept your invitation and after that you can see where they are and they will also be able to see where you are.

If you only want you and friend to track each other temporarily, such as at a concert or some other event, but then don’t want them to be able to track you after that, you can set them up as a temporary friend by tapping on the Temporary tab at the bottom of the Find My Friends app for iPhone and choose how long you want to share your location. You can choose hours, days or weeks. When the time you choose is up, your temporary friend will no longer be able to track you.