While the iPhone has a lot of free apps, that cost $0.99 or more on an iPad, there are still a lot of free apps for the iPad that you can download and enjoy. Here is Part 1 of the list of all the best iPad apps for 2014 as of February:

The Dolphin Browser is an alternative to the Safari browser and considered more responsive without as many distractions.

The free Skyscanner app allows you to quickly search through all the airlines to get the most competitive pricing.

The free Dragon Dictation is an equivalent to Siri and works on iOS 4 or later. 

The Remote on the iPad allows you to control you Apple TV, play music and access network libraries.

The Pulse news reader app has a slider-based RSS feed and configurable tab groups, it’s suitable for anyone who subscribes to image-heavy sites.

The Fotopedia Heritage links to TripAdvisor and offers tens of thousands of vibrant images from all over the world.

The Yell Search free app for iPad is a must when you do a lot of local searches and you can favorite places to use for later.

The XE Currency free app is the top currency app available and easy to use.

The Skype app is still a favorite choice for many who don’t care for using Face Time and works great on iPad.

The Skitch app for iPad allows you to scribble on images, maps and web pages and then Tweet, email or add to Evernote.

The iTunes U. The app enables you to access many thousands of free lectures and courses taught by universities and colleges, thereby learning far more than what bizarre schemes current soap characters are hatching.

The Amazon Mobile app for iPad is built to make it easier to shop at Amazon than it is to shop at the website from an iPad.

The Google Search app for iPad has a tactile image carousel, visual search history and Google Goggles integration.

The TuneIn Radio app for iPad has a “shake to switch station” feature and also has an alarm and Airplay support.

The Netflix app for iPad also includes AirPlay support. It has a resume function too so you can continue watching your favorite movies and TV programs from a different device.

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