Momonga Pinball Adventures Review

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Momonga is a whole new take on an old game “pinball”. Paladin studios developers of Momonga Pinball adventures offer a really great adventure game meets pinball for $3.

Momonga pinball first and foremost most noticeable feature are its artwork and graphics. The style is unique and the stunning high def graphics really make up the game. At its core its a pinball style game, you use bumpers to shoot around Momonga the squirrel around each level. Though on top of that its an adventure game with its own underlying storyline. You play Momo who is out to save his tribe, as a band of owls turned momonga village to ashes. Momo is found by a wandering panda who aids Momo in finding the capture villagers of Momonga.

Controls are basic and easy to use, you have a launcher to pull down to shoot Momo out of the starting point. From there you use “L & R” buttons to use the left and right bumpers in the game to shoot the ball of a squirrel around the level. The bumpers are very responsive and work smoothly. Your objectives are simple throughout the game you have targets to take out in order to advance to the next part of the level. Each level is made up of 2-3+ mini levels. You try to take out targets that are sometimes stationary, moving, or covered by other obstacles. All the while collecting stars which help increase your score. Momo has 3 lives, if he falls between the bumpers like in any pinball game you lose a life. Though as the levels unravel new obstacles and enemies unfold. The adventure aspect takes over all the while your playing pinball.

-Great HD Graphics
-9 handcrafted levels
-Easy Controls

-Menus lag at times

Momonga Pinball really is a unique approach to the pinball genre. You have over 9 really great level with over 45 challenges spread across. Additionally game center support is available if you want to track your awards/achievements and compete in scores with friends. As the game goes you also unlock new side kicks with different abilities that help you over come certain enemies and levels. The game really has a great art style to it. A clean yet colorful UI thats easy to pick up and play. You almost forget its a pinball game in that of the core storyline. It has a great narrative to the game filled with some cut scenes to fill you in with everything. At $3 its available for the iPhone and iPad in great retina support. Whether your looking for an adventure game or a pinball game this has you covered. Its the best of both worlds and a fresh new take on a really old arcade game. Momonga Pinball Adventures is a unique application coupled with graphics, gameplay, and adventure. Your $3 won’t be wasted with this purchase, find it in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store