Joe Danger Review
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Joe Danger by Hello Games is a great stunt man racing game. Taking on the role of Joe Danger.

Joe Danger is a $3 iPhone/iPad game where you play the worlds most determined stuntman on his famous motorbike. Each level you go through multiple obstacles collecting coins and racing to get to the end. Design wise the game has a really great high def graphic system. Supported for retina the games levels, characters, etc really pop out. Through each level theres different themes and the game really does a great job of giving you a wide perspective of the environment from a sort of sideline view. Interesting enough Joe Danger was actually imported from the console over to the mobile iOS platform. Originally available on the PS3 & Xbox, Hello Games did a great job in porting a popular title to that of a mobile device where its more suitable to pick up and play.

Control wise its all handle via intuitive touch controls that work smoothly despite all the action going on screen. Through ramp jumps, boosts, and other objectives theres always some sort of non-stop action on-going. The game helps you focus not so much on where your going but overcoming obstacles. Not worrying so much about speed but precision. Ducking under obstacles, jumping over big ramps and so much more. Of course while your doing all these death defying jumps you can integrate tricks into it like wheelies and other crazy maneuvers. All touch controls are integrated smartly from tapping to swiping for a flip. Each map also integrates things called “targets” they’re letters that spell out “Danger” and as you race through each level you can tap on them in the background to collect them all. Along with that are many other extra items hidden in the levels.
– HD Graphics
– Tons of Gameplay
– Multiplayer mode is great


Joe danger puts you in the shoes of a stuntman however there are many other unlock able characters. Each character is unique and have a great 3D art style to them. Additionally multiple game modes like the great multiplayer mode allows you to race against rival friends. Game center support along with iCloud is also integrated so you can keep track of all your achievements and keep them synced across iOS devices. The gameplay itself is superb. At $3 price point you get over 20+ hours of gameplay. Coupled with great graphics at 60 fps and diverse level environments this game has it all. Joe Danger packs a ton of detail into the gameplay and looks and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Be it the iPad or iPhone version the game has really smooth controls and even better graphics. You take on many different obstacles being the stuntman you are and this leaves room for tons of fun every level. You can find Joe Danger in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store