Infestor Review

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Infestor is a puzzle platformer game by Ravenous games inc. A cheap $1 app that packs 8-bit style graphics with a fresh puzzle based game.

You play the role of infestor and your trying to reach the exit in each level through taking over enemies in order to control their body for specific needs. Various humans are in each level each with their unique ability to help you get through the stage. Infesting the human allow you jump over specific obstacles that you couldn’t reach otherwise, while going through a series of platforms in a retro 8-bit interface. Levels include things like platforms, long jumps, moving hazards and so much more.

The 8-bit design is nostalgic to old games and is pulled off well. Control wise you use old school A & B button to interact with the environment like take over humans and jump etc. While you also have a left and right arrow to navigate the levels. The game packs over 60 of the levels each increasing in difficulty. Each level is a sort of puzzle in that you have to take over the right humans to get across gaps, and if you lose host of that human by accident you may find yourself stuck and having to restart the whole level. Your main goal to find the exit of each level while avoiding not only gaps but dangerous hazards that may kill you. Infesting the humans in these cases can either benefit you as the blob or come back to bite you. Some areas you’ll need to jump higher than you can normally as the blob so you’ll need to infest, in other cases you’ll be in narrow paths where the human body simply won’t do.

-Challenging Puzzles
-60+ levels
-iCloud Game Saves

-8 bit design isn’t for everyone

Infestor offers many levels and is universal in that its available not only for iPhone but iPad as well. Game Center is also tied in, this allows you view your awards and achievements as well as see how you fair against your friends. iCloud game saves also are implemented so that you can play across your multiple iOS devices easily picking up from where you left off. A simple premise in that you take over humans and get to the end but each level really is a new puzzle entirely. The levels start out basic enough but really get challenging in the later levels with way more hazards and obstacles. The variety of humans and their abilities is nicely balanced and it requires you to switch from host to green blob every now and then to fit through certain sections of each level.

Overall infestor is a great $1 game to pick up and run through the 60 levels. If you enjoy puzzle games or even that of old retro designed games infestor won’t fail you. A great retro game meets a fun gameplay style. Control all the humans and make your way to the exit of each challenging level. Find Infestor in the app-store for iPhone and iPad today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store