Kick the buddy second kick is a game by Crustali where its a complete rag doll physics game.

The whole game aim is to injure the buddy on screen in order to gain points. You can torture the buddy in multiple ways. You can use the simple tap and drag controls to throw the buddy around to injure him or get a bit more creative and use items. Items vary from weapons like guns and grenades to swords and even lasers. Basically the game aims to be a sort of stress relief app.

The art style is very well done with nice HD graphics. The sound effects and voice over work of the buddy is very intelligently done. Kick the buddy is built on a physics engine that works pretty well as buddy fly’s around the screen from explosions etc. Beyond that the game is all about customization and unlockables. You can buy new wardrobes for your buddy to add a sense of customization to him. As you throw around and even kill buddy you gain money. This money adds into your bank which helps you unlock new items. Achievements as well are unlocked as you use more unique methods to bring death to buddy.

Kick The Buddy Second Kick Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

However the big flaw of the game is the in-app purchasing. In order to get a ton of the great items you need to buy them through buddy gold or buddy bucks. Almost everything from a background to a new weapon requires purchasing. This really kills the experience of the game as the old weapons/items get old quick.

-Nice HD Graphics
-Physics Engine

-Tons of In-app purchases
-Default tools get boring

Kick the buddy 2 simply is a rag doll game that requires a ton of in-app purchases to even remotely unlock the fun items. At $1 you get a bare minimum game that doesn’t really offer much entertainment or bang for its buck. This version adds some new features like the ability to add a picture of a person to the face of buddy. While its a nice comedic gesture it doesn’t add on anymore to the gameplay. Its a game you simply have to do the same thing over and over again to even get the money without in app purchases. Its aim is to be a stress reliever which some may enjoy but its probably not for everyone. Many free apps offer the same thing. Not to mention the graphical glitches in the latest update. In my opinion Kick the buddy second edition is a bad buy . If your looking for it its available for iPhone & iPad for $1.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store