Dude Perfect by Black box interactive is a fun physics based sports game.

Dude perfect is all about the worlds craziest basketball shots. Your tasked with making super crazy shots across obstacle filled maps with multiple characters. The game features nice high res graphics however the app hasn’t at all been updated for the iPhone 5 and its retina display. Theres tons of levels to keep you occupied and satisfied with its addictive gameplay. The controls are as simple as tap and drag to adjust your shot. It’s all about trick shots so the more the ball bounces about before it ends in the rim, the more points you get. Each level has fun obstacles and themes to them. Multiple items are spread throughout to bounce the ball off of. Theres no right way to make the shot whatever way you can make the shot counts. However in some cases you’ll need to pop balloons on the map before completing the level. Difficult in the game comes when you realize you only have 3 opportunities to make it.

Dude Perfect Review

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A wide arrange of characters and balls are available to choose from. Some characters offer unique abilities like the twins who give you an opportunity to throw from one player to the next to give you an edge. As if the default maps aren’t enough for you, a custom level editor is also included. So set your hoop and add multiple obstacles for a map of your own. Lastly is multiplayer, battle against your friends across the world in a fun stand off to see who can make the best trick shot. The game brings a sort of satisfactory feeling when you release the ball and watch it bounce about only to fall into the hoop.

-Great Maps
-Custom Editor
-Nice artstyle

-Hasn’t been updated since 2011

The levels are simply fun and greatly designed. Moving shots are a fun aspect of the game you run into down the line. With hoops attached to planes making the difficulty of the trick shot all the more challenging. Sometimes your on a low surface other times your on top of a building and its all about trial and error. Taking multiple attempts to find the right way to get the ball into the hoop.

Overall Dude perfect is a fun sports game that take physics to a new level. If your into trick shots and a fun simple games to pick up then dude perfect is your game. At $1 you get a great assortment of levels to play through & on top of that a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends. Track your high score trick shots with game center thats built into dude perfect. Find Dude perfect for your iPhone for $1 in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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