Full fitness is a great health and fitness app by Mehrdad Mehrain.

Full fitness is an all in one fitness for your mobile device. The app helps you stay in fit with over hundreds of exercises and explanations. At $2 you get full instructions and training to living a healthier and more fit life. The main objective of the app is to help you develop a fitness routine and learn more about your workout. The interface breaks down into exercises which show specific workouts for each body part. From abdominals, legs, chest and so much more. Each exercise has detailed pictures and even video to explain how to perform them for guidance.

The app also has a great workout routine planner to design a custom workout just for you. This is where the app design shines, while the app has a lot going on it keeps it simple in a tap and drag interface. Pick your workouts and add them simply into your routine to keep track of them. After you input your workouts Full Fitness then monitors your progress and charts/graphs all your data. This helps in keeping you easily motivated and review your previous workouts. Furthermore the app also includes things like calorie counter, BMI calculator, and a weight tracker.

Full Fitness Review

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Features go on and on for this app and it really coins its name “Full” fitness. The Programs tab within the app shows great workout plans for specific exercise requirements. Whether your looking to work out one muscle group or full body this app has you covered. You can target exercises to ones that require equipments like weights, exercise balls, etc as well. The app packs over 30 routines to achieve goals like weight loss, ab definition, strength, etc. Again the tutorials for the exercises are superbly done. Full fitness has text directions, high quality images, or video to showcase how exactly you should be performing each exercise. So have no fear if your new to working out as this app gives you a great ground to start with almost all the features you could possibly want.

-Hundreds of Exercises
-Instructional Content
-Graph Results
-Custom Workout

None noted

Full fitness simply packs so much content in it for its price. Many other apps will charge much more and offer less. Full fitness has busy but advanced interface for learning about your exercises, planning them, and lastly recording them. You can log all your workouts and have them easily exported out to back them up online if need be. iCloud support is also built into the app to help keep your data in the cloud. If you have friends who use the app you can use these features to share your workout routines with friends so you can call collaborate in exercises. Whether your new or advanced in the category of fitness, Full Fitness will help you. Its a one stop shop for your needs for getting in shape and logging them. Tons of informational content as well as tools to help get along in your journey to getting healthier and fit. Full fitness is hands down the best $2 you’ll spend on a fitness app. Find it for your iPhone in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store