We recently wrote an article on how to automate your internet life using apps. Automating your internet life is pretty cool, but we also want to show you how to automate your real world objects using iPad and iPhone apps.

Wi-Fi Bulbs

Philips Hue bulbs don’t only let you change the intensity of your lights wirelessly, but they also support hundreds of different color hues. The starter pack that includes three bulbs and the receiving box costs $199.95. Then if you want more bulbs, it’s going to be $50 per pop.

The Hue bulbs are really cool because you can control them from your iPhone or iPad. When you consider their price to other remote bulbs (that don’t have app control), you’ll see that the Hue bulbs are actually worth it.

Who needs bulbs with physical remotes? Then you’re going to be fumbling for the remote which is just as pointless as not having wireless bulbs. Having bulbs that connect to your phone just make more sense.

Automated Thermostat

This thermostat costs $250, but it has a lot of features you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to the Nest’s ability to be controlled by iPhones and iPads, it can also learn how to maintain your home’s temperature efficiently.


The Next thermostat can be programmed to let your house get warmer during work-hours. That way you’re not paying to cool a home that no one stays in. Then an hour before you get home the thermostat turns itself back to a cool setting, so by the time you get home you’re comfortable again.

When you compare the simplicity of this thermostat and the amount of money it can save you in electricity bills with its $250 price tag, you know right away that it’s worth it.

House Control Wi-Fi

The House Control Wi-Fi app powers a pre-programmed AMX controller. This control receives instructions from your phone to turn off or to turn on your computer, stereo set, radiator, coffee maker, lamps, and so forth. So you could pretty much turn off your TV and lights and exterior lights all from bed.

The benefits behind this are that you save electricity by turning off appliances that are not in use. For example: when your TV or Xbox 360 is turned off, it continues to consume small amounts of energy. These “small amounts” really add up when you consider all of the things that run in your house 24/7/365.

One of the great things about the House Control Wi-Fi app is that it only costs $1.99. That’s really cheap when compared to the $89.99 Home Control Pro app.

Automate Anything

Using Belkin’s WeMo Home Automation system you can automate anything imaginable.


Turn on your coffee machine when you walk in front of it? Done. Automate your baber monitor? Done. Automate light switches and receptacle power? Done. The only down-side is that to automate your entire house you might have to pay $500-800 for all of WeMo’s gadgets.