I’ve always imagined if there was an app out there that could do things automatically for you. In fact I always dreamed of programming an app like this if I ever learned how to program.

Unfortunately for me, someone has already done it. Fortunately for you, you can use this app right away without having to wait for someone like me to learn how to program something like this over the next five years.

How Does it Work?

IFTTT lets you create really cool recipes for your internet life. You can also use other peoples’ recipes. Recipes are based on triggers, and then on reactions. Let me give you an example of a recipe shared by someone using this app:

“All your tweets in a Spreadsheet”

-Archive your tweets to Gdrive yo!

Once you activate this recipe you will need to sign into your Twitter and Google accounts. From then on, anything you Tweet will be stored into a Google sheets document. Pretty neat eh? The action of you tweeting is a “trigger” for Google sheets to record that tweet.

Recipes can use triggers ranging from Dropbox, Email, ESPN, Facebook and much more. Actions that are completed after these triggers then range from Google drive to Google talk, to Linkedin, to email and so forth. The possibilities are truly limitless. Here are some useful examples of recipes:

“Update tracking number every-time you want to track a new package”

“Save starred Gmails to Evernote”

“Watch your players’ [ESPN] health/status like a hawk”

“Get an email when a particular stock drops below a certain price”

“Send me an email if there will be rain tomorrow”

Get Started

We live in the 21st century gosh darn it! So you better act like it and get started. IFTT is a free app that you can download today and start using. Stop wasting your time Googling your stocks, or players’ health, or weather, just get it all automated for you, for free.

I don’t know about you, but making technology do your bidding is pretty fun. So why not do it and save some time in the process?

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