Period Tracker Deluxe is an app created by GP Apps. It costs $1.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


This app lets you track your period, as well as any other metrics that go along with it such as spotting, flow, cramps, headaches, backaches, bloating, tender breasts, and body aches. You can also track your weight, temperature and over 30 moods each day.


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In addition to having a timer that counts down until your next period, you can also ask women related questions through the advice section. Questions can be about anything such as acne, indigestion, cramps, menopause, etc.

Not to mention that Period Tracker Deluxe also generates charts for anything you’d need to see visually.

The Bad:

Period Tracker Deluxe does everything it says it does, and even more! It has no glitches or shortcomings.

The Good:

On top of all the great features this app has, it also lets you protect your information with a passcode. Also the icon itself is indiscreet and says “Ptracker.”


If you’re tired of dealing with your period randomly, then you should get this app. It will make sure you never get surprised again. Also you will be able to identify how your period effects you throughout the month, as well as the things you should look out for to improve your health.

For $1.99, this app is a much have for any woman.


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US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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