Herd Herd Herd Deluxe Review

Pros & Cons
Pros: Decent Graphics, Fun Gameplay, Tons of levels
Cons: Only 1 Game Mode, Upgrades are sub-par

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Herd Herd Herd Deluxe by the guys at 2k games & cat daddy bring you a farm style game where your objective is to herd the chicken into the end goal while collecting as many stars as possible. The controls are pretty basic, move your finger behind the chicken in order to herd it into a certain direction. While it sounds basic it can be a bit difficult in terms of sensitivity. Additionally the maps pack loads of objective to get into your way, things like gaps, walls etc.

The game has one game mode single player campaign. However with that said theres tons of levels incorporated to keep you busy and worth the purchase. The levels as you go through offer different obstacles. You start off guiding your chicken into the end goal while picking up as many stars as possible and are rated at a 1-3 star rate at the end. You can choose to get all the stars and make it to the end before the time runs out and or get as many as possible and get into the end leaving some behind.

As the levels progress you get new objectives like out racing a turkey, rotating bridges that make things harder and many other things. Throughout each level you have a timer challenging you to complete before it runs and get your best time. The game also has a shop available for those who really want some upgrades or are finding the game to difficult. Packs like UFO allow you to fly over certain levels if they’re to hard. While these are nice additions they aren’t truly worth it.

In summary Herd Deluxe offers tons of levels to have fun with and offer new obstacles and objectives as you progress. Though if you find yourself getting tired of the gameplay early on then thats about all it offers. No other game modes and or extras that are really worth the extra money. The controls are fun & can be frustrating at the same time challenging you to try and beat levels over and over while getting more stars each time. At its price point I think its worth trying it out, check it out today Herd Herd Herd Deluxe.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store