Cookie Calls Review

Pros & Cons
Pros: Simple UI, Parental Controls, Scheduled Event
Cons: For a certain age group

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Cookie Calls is brought to you by Sesame Street and is an app geared towards the younger generation mainly kids. Cookie Calls uses the famous character cookie monster to interact with your kids via a phone call. Theres multiple calls which can be arranged from funny to basic educational lessons that are taught via video call. The app uses the facetime camera to make your child feel like theres a personnel connection going on between them and the cookie monster.

While the app doesn’t interact with the facetime camera in terms of gestures etc its mainly there for show. The app has 3 options on the screen to call cookie and they each play different video skits from time to time. Additionally there is also a voicemail feature where cookie monster can leave you voice messages. Diving deeper into the app it has a parental control panel which is a neat feature for the adults who want to adjust the app a bit.

Parental controls allows for you to pick favorites from the video and set up scheduled events. For example you can set up an alarm for a certain time for the cookie calls app to have cookie monster call you to remind you to wake up or even things like brush your teeth, take a nap and so on great for young kids who keep their devices near or if they’re constantly using their parents iPhone for example.

The cookie calls app is definitely a great little tool for those young kids be it cousins, sons and daughters etc. While it doesn’t have much way for them to interact with cookie monster the video functionality creates that sense of connection between cookie and the user. If you have someone in the family whos a fan of Sesame street and the cookie monster character than this a must buy.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store