Hollywood Monsters Review

Pros & Cons
Pros: Great Voice Acting, Great Graphics, Highly expansive map to explore
Cons: Old School style may not be for everyone

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Hollywood monsters developed by Bulkypix brings back the old school style adventure game/mystery puzzle to the iOS platform. Available on both iPhone & iPad and priced at $6 is it really worth it?

Hollywood Monsters is definitely a specific genre and requires a certain taste. It brings back that old school feel of adventure games that require you to pick up clues, investigate areas and piece everything together.

The story picks up as you play 2 characters Liz & Dan two journalist in a hollywood monster film industry. You stumbled upon some mysterious events during an award event and pursuit to pick up clues and find out whats going on. Controls are very similar to that of old school mystery games, click around and your character walks in that direction to that spot and simply stops, no analogs or joy sticks. The game setting makes you observe certain items in the rooms and piece together a big unraveling story.

The game also comes packed with hints to help along the way in case you get stuck. The graphics on the game are the next most notable thing though its an old school style of play its packed with a cartoony type of high def graphics. Sound acting is also dominant in the game as your characters have a lot of dialog and its done superbly at that. Cinematic’s are also a big part of the game as you progress and the combination of the voice acting with graphics make them well worth to sit and listen in.

At the end Hollywood Monsters is a genre for a specific type of gamer, those who loved the old school classic sort of mystery puzzle thrillers then this app will be worth its price. A game that keeps you walking around and exploring new angles to piece together a big story. One that’ll surely keep you occupied and fill in those gaps when you need a game to kill some time. Packed with high graphics and incredible voice acting and dialog this game is certainly one of the better adventure games out on the platform. If that’s your style of game check it out today in the app store “hollywood monsters”.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store