DailyCost Review

– Simple user interface for adding entries

– Great statistics of spending/costs

– Overall clean design

– Clever Gestures


– Not featured pack

– No notification support

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Daily cost is an elegantly designed financial application for tracking expenses through everyday life. It makes logging things like how much you spent on lunch dead simple. Straying away from all sorts of manual entries and focusing on UI.  The app does exactly what the title of the app proclaims; it keeps track of your daily spendings. Simply pull down to add an expense from a wide range of categories like food, entertainment, movies and many others. Tracking your daily expenses is super simple and the app even allows you to go back into previous days to keep up a log of all your purchases. Turning the app into landscape mode provides you with detailed statistics and graphs of where you’re spending your money.

Most finance apps in iOS today offer a cluttered interface with all sorts of tracking information that isn’t needed. Daily cost makes it easy to enter something in and keep it at that. The app tracks everything in the background and presents it to you when needed. Navigating around the user interface is easy for anyone to pick up and get logging. Some features however would be nice to see, a custom category for instance would be greatly appreciated for those costs you can’t exactly pinpoint into the generic sections.

What the app does the best in my opinion is take away the notion that tracking finances should be a tedious system. It makes logging not only fun but interactive and offers clean looking graphs to match and represent your spending. Making it easy to step back and examine your expenses. Now the app like I mentioned doesn’t offer a crazy amount of advanced features for people who need detailed tracking. It doesn’t have support for things like money you spend online or automatic notifications. So if your looking for a fully automated process that links with your bank accounts, payments services, etc this isn’t your app.

Overall daily cost does all of this in a super clean user interface that’s all practically gestured based. No tedious amounts of information to put in. Simply tap and insert your cost for a specific item and forget about it. While it may not have all the extra features for true financial tracking, it does handle the basics and does that really well. A one-dollar price point for the app itself goes a long way in helping you understand your financials better. Along with just keeping a log of your expenses, it shows you where you’re spending too much money in a visual representation. Looking to track your daily costs? This app is all you need and more in a simple package.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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