Dcovery Review

-Clean UI

-Great Organization Management


-Confusing at first when adding cities

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Dcovery is one the best travel research apps out in the app store. The app allows you to simply throw in catalogs of places you want to visit, have visited and so on. Dcovery provides you with catalogs of locations and information surrounding those specific places. Packed with tools to save and or view friends favorite venues around cities. Dcovery as the title implies is about discovery and the app lets you do just that.

The idea is that you have all travel related information just a click away. Go into your San Francisco catalog to get the current time, weather, and popular locations. The user interface is clean and friendly to use which is one of the big pros to the application. A big part of the app is an extension known as place finder. Place finder allows you to connect via your desktop browsers and save locations, places, and restaurants to your Dcovery account which then syncs back to the mobile app. Theres so much to save with Dcovery that makes traveling that much more fun and organized.

Place finder however is an add-on required outside of the iOS application and can be a bit tedious for some to really adapt to. Though its existence is appreciated as most users spend most time browsing the web. Seeing relative information that’d be great to catalog for travel is exactly where place finder excels.

Of course the social integration is what really makes these sort of apps. Visit places friends recommend or have reviewed. Adding onto the list of your travels only to benefit others who may visit the same area. In a way its a big circle, giving back is big part of the app and only broadens the user base itself.

From trip reports to travel blog articles, this app serves as your agenda for all the places you’ve visited or plan on going to. Additionally, there’s extra features like Taxi-mode; this helps with finding public transport in foreign countries easily. Find Dcovery in the app store for $4 and enhance your traveling experience today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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