Catch the Ark Review

-Great 3D Base Graphics

-Great Upgrade System

-Basic Controls


-Not much to complain about other than the massive amount on IAP the game offers

-Other game modes could be added in

-Seems you never can really catch the ark, the aim seems to be just survive

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Catch the Ark is based on the tale of Noah’s Ark in which players are a bunch of animals trying to survive the flood. Through the game the player is placed on a raft with three animals representing lives.  You must survive the jungle and its obstacles in order to catch up to Noah’s ark.

While you never really catch up to the ark the game is based more on survival. The world is collapsing around you and its up to three animals to survive and navigate through a wild river.

The gameplay itself is simple, yet addicting. You find yourself dodging all sorts of obstacles along the way and find boosts that help you to your end goal. As always, Chillingo packs a great upgrade system that allows for buying new boats and or characters. However the level itself is endless and doesn’t offer much variety other than boosts and power ups. While your main objective is to try to catch the ark it seems as if it only gets farther as you get closer.  Gameplay can almost be compared to other titles out there like Temple Run and so on. As the gameplay is an endless run, dodging obstacles left and right.

UI wise the app is played in a landscape orientation with rich 3D graphics immersing the screen. Your health is displayed in the top right by three hearts and the pause button below as displayed in the screenshot. The left houses your score, coins, and level meter.

Controls and playability however are bar none and at a one dollar value it stacks up to other similar game types. Sticking to the simple layout of right or left the game doesn’t require much to jump in. While the game derives from the biblical story of Noah’s Ark you are placed into a different perspective of trying to board it. Decent storyline meets fun graphics at a one dollar price point and for that it is worth the download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store