bubble safariFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Zynga

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Zynga may have made there name getting millions and millions of gamers and non gamers actually around the world playing there “ville” games on Facebook. But that was not enough for these guys and they set there sights on taking over the mobile gaming world as well. Bubble Safari is actually not anything like there “ville” games and I know many people are anti Zynga because they got sick of all the notifications they would get from there friends on Facebook, but this is actually a pretty darn fun game.

The presentation of Bubble Safari is tremendous. The story of the game sees you playing the role of a happy go lucky chimp. A chimp who is just in the jungle kicking back with his girl friend. Well these poachers come into the jungle and try and kidnap the two chip lovebirds. Lucky for out chimp he falls of the back of the truck, but his chimp girlfriend was not so lucky. These poachers messed with the wrong chimp because for some reason he has a cannon. The graphics are great and the whole game has a very high quality look to it. And I love the fact that it actually gives you a reason to play with its fun little story.

Bubble Safari as I am sure you have guessed is a bubble game that sees you firing bubbles of a various colour into other bubbles of the same colour. You need to pop them to get points. The more bubbles you pop the more points you get. You can even get bonus points when the bubbles turn into fruit. To beat a level you simply need to get rid of all the bubbles. Well I say simply, but this is actually a pretty tricky game. I say tricky, but I mean that in the best way as this is really fun to play.

There is a great deal of strategy to the game. You see the first few levels are on the easy side. And dare I say anyone could beat these. But as the game progresses you will need to use more skill to pop all the bubbles. For example you will need to fire your bubbles of the wall so they bounce of in a different direction. This is a skill you will really need to master think of it like a bank shot. As well as this you cannot just go into each level like a maniac shooting your cannon at will. You need to think about what you are going to do as the more bubbles you have left when you beat the level the more points and coins you will get at the end of the level. And you can use these coins to buy some pretty cool and funky power ups.

One very interesting thing about Bubble Safari is the social aspect of the game. I mean as this is from Zynga we really should not be surprised, but I like what they have done here. The idea is that if you are on a level and run out of bubbles you may think you are screwed, but you can put the word out there on Facebook and ask a buddy to help you out by giving you some bubbles. This is a pretty cool and unique idea.

In all I would probably go as far to say this is the best game Zynga have put out on the iOS so far. It is a good fun bubble game. It may not be shaking things up, but it does offer a fun game play experience that is very fun to play.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store