bubble seasonsFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: TeamLava

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You may think that it is a little odd reviewing this game right now as good ol Santa Clause has been and gone. And I am sure you can easily see from the screenshot that this is most certainly a puzzle game that is aimed at putting you into the festive mood, but what the heck as a great band once said “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” Great tune by the way, but I am not sure that they wanted Christmas everyday so they could play puzzle games on there iPad like this one.

Bubble Seasons looks great. Everything about it is nice and smooth and crystal clear. While there are no over the top things happening (hey it is a puzzle game after all) You can clearly tell that a great deal of time has gone into making this game look as nice as possible. Of course the whole Christmas theme may put some people off when it is not the holidays, but at the end of the day as far as the games presentation goes there is not really anything you can fault it for.

From a game play point of view this is one of those bubble games where you need to fire a cannon at a series of different coloured bubbles in order to pop them and clear the screen. This is a kind of game that no mater how many times it is released or what kind of lick of paint it has on it is fun to play. You really have to do something major to screw this kind of game up. And I am happy to say the people at TeamLava have not.

The thing is Bubble Seasons while offering nothing majorly new does enough to make this a really fun game. The biggest change to the formula for me was that just clearing all the bubbles from the screen is not enough. In order to beat the level you are required to save your little animal buddy friends. You do this by hitting them with a bubble that is the same colour as the one that they are trapped in. It may not sound like much, but this little change to the game play makes this a stand out against similar games.

There are roughly 40 different levels for you to play through and there is a great difficulty curve here. I would say that pretty much anyone can beat the first few levels, but then the game gets harder. You see you are only able to fire your cannon so many times per level. So you not only have to do some puzzle solving, but you also need to make sure you are a good aim as well. As there is nothing worse than coming up with a good strategy to then screw it up because you aimed your shot bad.

My main worry for this game is that many people will not bother downloading it because of its Christmas theme. Well please do not let that put you off because this is a great little puzzle game. It looks great and is a ton of fun to play.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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