bubble maniaFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: TeamLava

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I have been playing these types of games since I was a kid. I think the earliest one that I remember is Bust A Move, but there have been a whole bunch of others in the years since that game was first released. And the funny thing is this is the type of game that I will always take the time to play. Even though for the most part the formula never really changes a great deal. Still with TeamLava behind this I was sure there would be something at the very least a little different.

When you see a screen shot of Bubble Mania you could be forgiven for thinking this is a somewhat basic kids version of the classic bubble game. The game does have a very kid friendly cutesy vibe going on and one thing in particular that I loved was the way that your little animal critter throws the bubbles instead of a cannon firing them. The backgrounds here are just gorgeous and while they are not full to the brim of things they look so nice and clean. You can clearly tell that while this game may look quite basic that it is done by design and as a result is a very easy on the eyes game.

This is the same kind of bubble game you have all no doubt played before. Your little animal critter is required to shoot a bubble onto more bubbles of the same colour. Here though you will have objectives to compete as well as just clearing the bubbles. You will need to save a little woodland critter who has gotten them self trapped in a bubble. What were they doing messing around with bubbles in the first place? Who knows, but its up to you to get them out. For such a simple little game play addition I found it a welcome change.

The game is a little on the easy side. There are many items that you can buy from the in app store, but truth be told while I never beat all the levels at the first attempt I was still able to work my way thorough the game without spending a penny.

Bubble Mania is a very fun game so fun as a mater of fact that I nearly did the unthinkable and actually pay for more game time. You see my main criticism of this game is that it felt like I would play say five levels or so and then BAM I would have to wait a while to play again. This was so frustrating, but I think it was frustrating because I was having such a good time. This is one of those games that I would happily have paid a few bucks to be able to play whenever I want.

In all while it doe snot offer anything radically different to the bubble game genre this is still a very fun game that I highly recommend you download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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