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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Fjórir Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos Go DaddyGo Daddy
It was founded in 1997 as Jomax Technologies- not as fun as the current name
This company sponsors Danica Patrick, who is in many of their ads
Their focus is web hosting and registering domain names
Badly Drawn Logos International Business MachinesInternational Business Machines
It’s the logo for a technology corporation that started in New York
They developed ATMs, floppy discs, and credit card magnetic-strips
They are known by three letters
Badly Drawn Logos CoronaCorona
This brand was introduced in Mexico in the 1920s
Many people drink it with a lime
This beer’s name means ‘crown’ in Spanish
Badly Drawn Logos KFCKFC
Harland Sanders founded this franchise
Their ‘Original Recipe’ was created in 1940
This Kentucky-based chain is known for fried chicken
Badly Drawn Logos Sherwin WilliamsSherwin Williams
In 1877, this company patented a re-sealable tin can
This company is known for its line of paints
It was founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams
Badly Drawn Logos Dolby DigitalDolby Digital
You might associate this logo with noise reduction technology
This company is responsible for bringing digital sound to movies
D_ _by
Badly Drawn Logos MTVMTV
You could once see Carson Daly and Jesse Camp here
This channel has given us ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’
Almost always known by its initials, it stands for ‘Music Television’
Badly Drawn Logos Alaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines
This company began as McGee Airways
Despite its name, its headquarters are in the state of Washington
It’s the seventh largest airline in the United States
Badly Drawn Logos Arm and HammerArm and Hammer
Their logo often reads ‘The Standard of Purity’
This brand is owned by Church and Dwight Co.
You could find this logo on a box of baking soda
Badly Drawn Logos Armani ExchangeArmani Exchange
This brand was launched in 1991
It’s the more accessible interpretation of a high fashion line
Giorgio Armani is the creator of this brand
Badly Drawn Logos BacardiBacardi
This company was founded in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba
Bats were in the roof of the original distillery, inspiring the logo
This brand is known for its rum
Badly Drawn Logos Blu RayBlu Ray
This product might be part of a home entertainment center
When it was created, it was meant to replace the DVD
It’s named for the blue laser that reads content on the disc
Badly Drawn Logos Chef BoyardeeChef Boyardee
The logo depicts the Italian founder of this product
ConAgra Foods owns this brand
It’s known for its canned spaghetti
Badly Drawn Logos ChilisChilis
Larry Lavine opened the first one in Dallas in 1975
Brinker International owns this restaurant chain
I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…’
Badly Drawn Logos FilaFila
This company was endorsed by tennis player Bjorn Borg
This sportswear company was founded in Italy in 1911
It brands itself as sophisticated athletic fashion
Badly Drawn Logos GeffenGeffen
This company is associated with pop and rock music artists
This American record label is now part of Interscope Records
It was founded by David Geffen
Badly Drawn Logos IamsIams
Procter & Gamble manufactures this brand’s product
In 1999, they started an adoption campaign with an animal shelter
You would find this logo on a package of dog or cat food
Badly Drawn Logos KonamiKonami
It started with jukebox repair and arcade machine manufacturing
This Japanese company is now famous for its video games
They developed games like ‘Frogger’ and ‘Dance Dance Revolution’
Badly Drawn Logos America OnlineAmerica Online
They launched the Buddy List in 1995
In 2001, this company merged with Time Warner
Its messaging program greeted users by saying, ‘You’ve got mail!’
Badly Drawn Logos AT&TAT&T
It was previously Cingular Wireless
This company’s current slogan is ‘Rethink possible’
For a time, they were the only network carrier of the iPhone
Badly Drawn Logos BlackBerryBlackBerry
Research In Motion first released this brand in 1999
This brand is known for its wireless handheld device
Its name is a type of fruit that’s usually dark in color
Badly Drawn Logos CadillacCadillac
The company is named after the founder of Detroit
Mechanic and entrepreneur, Henry Leland, started it in 1902
This General Motors division is known for its luxury vehicles, like the Escalade
Badly Drawn Logos Sirius Satellite RadioSirius Satellite Radio
This broadcaster launched its service in 2002
This company shares a name with the ‘Dog Star’
They provide satellite radio
Badly Drawn Logos Sprint NextelSprint Nextel
It resulted from the 2005 merger of two telecommunications companies
Boost Mobile is one of their prepaid brand offerings
Its name is also a full speed run over a short distance
Badly Drawn Logos StumbleUponStumbleUpon
It’s a social-powered search engine
It aims to find web pages for users based on their interests
St_m_ _eUp_ _
Badly Drawn Logos SubaruSubaru
This Japanese company was founded in 1968
They’re known for using the Boxer engine in their cars
They created the Outback, Forester and Impreza
Badly Drawn Logos Taco BellTaco Bell
Their current slogan is ‘Live Mas’
Glen Bell founded this fast food chain
They worked with Frito Lay to create Doritos Locos Tacos
Badly Drawn Logos TecateTecate
This beverage is also the name of a city in Baja California
The Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery produces it
This beer is often sold in a red can and starts with the letter ‘T’
Badly Drawn Logos TechnoratiTechnorati
It’s a blog search engine
They also own and
Scrambled, it’s ‘TOECHINRAT’
Badly Drawn Logos ChanelChanel
Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman have appeared in ads for this company
A woman nicknamed ‘Coco’ founded it in 1909
This French brand is known for high fashion clothing and accessories
Badly Drawn Logos DaredevilDaredevil
This logo represents a blind character
He’s a Marvel Comics superhero also known as Matt Murdock
As his name implies, he is a man without fear
Badly Drawn Logos Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings
They were the Cougars and the Falcons before getting their current name in 1932
This hockey team has a ‘Legend of the Octopus’ tradition
This NHL team is based in Detroit, Michigan
Badly Drawn Logos EricssonEricsson
This telecommunications equipment provider created Bluetooth
Based in Sweden, the name comes from the founder’s surname
They were part of a joint venture with Sony from 2001 to 2012
Badly Drawn Logos General ElectricGeneral Electric
This corporation formed from a merger with Thomson-Houston Electric Company
It was one of the original 12 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average
You could find this logo on a washing machine, toaster or a jet engine
Badly Drawn Logos HarvardHarvard
This logo represents a university
John Adams, Rashida Jones and Natalie Portman have all been there
This Ivy League school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Badly Drawn Logos Sporcle Inc.Sporcle Inc.
This website was founded in 2007
They provide mentally stimulating diversions
This trivia site’s first quiz asked users to name the US Presidents
Badly Drawn Logos American Eagle OutfittersAmerican Eagle Outfitters
This retailer’s first store opened in Michigan in 1977
They first used the eagle in their logo in 2003
This clothing company launched their intimates brand, ‘aerie,’ in 2006
Badly Drawn Logos Del MonteDel Monte
They are a large food producer and distributor in the US
A coffee made for a hotel on the Monterey peninsula once used the name
They’re known for their canned fruits and vegetables
Badly Drawn Logos Brawny Paper Towel ManBrawny Paper Towel Man
Georgia-Pacific owns this brand
This man usually appears on paper towels
The name is synonymous with ‘strong’ and ‘muscular’
Badly Drawn Logos Coldstone CreameryColdstone Creamery
They make their product fresh every day in their stores
This ice cream franchise first opened in 1988
This creamery lets you make your own ‘Creation’ using ‘Mix-ins’