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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Fimm Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos Land O' LakesLand O’ Lakes
They’re known for dairy products
They are the 2nd largest cooperative in the US
You’d find this logo on foods like their sweet cream butter sticks
Badly Drawn Logos Lonely PlanetLonely Planet
Tony and Maureen Wheeler started it after a trip across Asia
You could find this logo on a travel guide
The focus of their books is travel on a budget
Badly Drawn Logos Mr. CleanMr. Clean
This man represents the Magic Eraser
Proctor & Gamble launched this brand’s first product
This company is known for their cleaning products
Badly Drawn Logos Northwest AirlinesNorthwest Airlines
Delta absorbed this airline a few years ago
It’s often abbreviated to ‘NWA’
It was not called ‘Southeast Airlines’
Badly Drawn Logos PrincePrince
It’s apparently called ‘Love Symbol No. 2’
When doves cry, there is purple rain
It represented an artist formerly known as…
Badly Drawn Logos Red LobsterRed Lobster
Bill Darden opened the first one in Florida in 1968
They recently started offering ‘Maine Stays’ on their menu
The casual dining restaurant is known for seafood, like lobster
Badly Drawn Logos St Pauli GirlSt Pauli Girl
This logo represents a German beer
St. Paul’s Monastery was the site of the original brewery
Each year, they have a different model represent their ‘Girl’
Badly Drawn Logos Under ArmourUnder Armour
This brand was founded by a former University of Maryland football player
You can find this logo on athletic apparel
The logo looks like the letters ‘U’ and ‘A’ from the company’s name
Badly Drawn Logos FordFord
A man named Henry started this company in 1905
It’s an American motor company
It makes the Mustang, Focus, and F-150
Badly Drawn Logos Home and Garden TVHome and Garden TV
This TV channel is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive
They air shows like ‘House Hunters’ and ‘Design Star’
You might get ideas for your home or garden here
Badly Drawn Logos LucasArtsLucasArts
This company develops and publishes video games
Their games include ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Afterlife’
As you might guess from the name, George Lucas founded it
Badly Drawn Logos MGMMGM
The roaring lion logo was created in 1924 when the company formed
It resulted from the merger of the Metro, Goldwyn, and Louis B. Mayer companies
You might see this studio’s logo right before a movie starts
Badly Drawn Logos Panera BreadPanera Bread
This chain’s menu offers a ‘You pick two’ option
Their mission is ‘A loaf of bread in every arm’
The company’s name contains the Spanish word for bread
Badly Drawn Logos Penguin BooksPenguin Books
They’re one of the world’s largest English-language book publishers
They founded Puffin Books, which focuses on children’s books
This company shares its name with the flightless aquatic bird in the logo
Badly Drawn Logos The PunisherThe Punisher
This logo represents a fictional character
First appearing in Spider-Man comics, his real name is Frank Castle
He uses guerrilla warfare tactics to ‘punish’ criminals
Badly Drawn Logos Armor AllArmor All
The original protectant was called ‘Tri-don’
They make car care products
Armored AutoGroup owns this brand
Badly Drawn Logos BloggerBlogger
This site helps people publish on the web
This company was bought by Google in 2003
Its name is the same word as a person who blogs
Badly Drawn Logos Carl's JrCarl’s Jr
The first restaurant in this chain was a drive-in barbeque
It’s competitors are McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s
It was founded by Carl Karcher
Badly Drawn Logos EckoEcko
This brand is associated with hip hop
Started in 1993, this company first sold t-shirts
Their name is similar to a sound caused by reflecting sound waves
Badly Drawn Logos Houston TexansHouston Texans
Its logo is associated with the Lone Star State
This American football team joined the NFL in 2002
This team is based in Houston, Texas
Badly Drawn Logos LamborghiniLamborghini
This brand was founded in Bologna, Italy
This company specialized in luxury touring cars
One of its major competitors is Ferarri
Badly Drawn Logos American AirlinesAmerican Airlines
You can find this company’s C.R. Smith Museum in Texas
AMR Corporation is its parent company
This airline kicked Alec Baldwin off a flight for playing a game on his phone
Badly Drawn Logos Animal PlanetAnimal Planet
This television channel is connected to the BBC and Discovery Communications
Their slogan is ‘Surprisingly Human’
They feature shows like ‘Animal Cops’ and ‘It’s Me or the Dog’
Badly Drawn Logos CamelCamel
As the box usually states, it’s a Turkish and domestic blend
This brand used to market with a mascot named Joe
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company owns this brand
Badly Drawn Logos Chevron CorporationChevron Corporation
Fortune 500 lists it as the 3rd largest corporation
This company’s name goes along with the V-shape used in its logo
Known then as Standard Oil, this company merged with Gulf in 1984
Badly Drawn Logos ColumbiaColumbia
Now known for sportswear, they began as a hat company
Gert Boyle is Chairman of the Board, her son, Tim, is President and CEO
Based in Oregon, they’re named for a nearby river
Badly Drawn Logos DunlopDunlop
John Boyd began this company after looking for a more comfortable bike ride
They make tires
They’re owned by Goodyear and begin with the letter ‘D’
Badly Drawn Logos Ralph Lauren PoloRalph Lauren Polo
They market themselves as a lifestyle company
The company began in 1967 with a collection of men’s ties
It’s known for the insignia of the polo player on its clothing
Badly Drawn Logos Red BullRed Bull
Their product can help people stay awake
This energy drink company sponsors extreme sports
They share their name with rose-colored male cattle
Badly Drawn Logos RedditReddit
It’s an internet forum for sharing…everything
Registered users can vote content up or down on this site
If the color red could be a verb, it would be this company’s name
Badly Drawn Logos ReebokReebok
Their first product was running shoes with spikes in them
This company was bought by Adidas in 2005
The name is the Afrikaan spelling of rhebok, an African gazelle
Badly Drawn Logos ReutersReuters
This company began with carrier pigeons and telegraphs
This company is a leading news wire service
One of their competitors is the Associated Press
Badly Drawn Logos SaabSaab
This Swedish company manufactures cars
It was acquired by GM, but filed for bankruptcy in 2011
It’s name sounds like someone crying noisily
Badly Drawn Logos Safeway Inc.Safeway Inc.
This company keeps people fed
They have 1,678 grocery stores in the US and Canada
No danger here, this store is safe
Badly Drawn Logos FXFX
This TV channel is owned by Fox
They air ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’
Some people use the same name as an abbreviations for the word ‘effects’
Badly Drawn Logos GoodyearGoodyear
They’re a ‘Tire & Rubber Company’
Mercury’s winged foot is meant to represent speed and the carrying of good news
They’re known for using blimps to advertise
Badly Drawn Logos History ChannelHistory Channel
This TV channel is owned by A+E
Their first program was ‘History of the Automobile: Corvette’
Their shows include ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘WWII in HD’
Badly Drawn Logos JaguarJaguar
It originated as the Swallow Sidecar Company
They’re a British car manufacturer known for luxury and sports vehicles
This company shares a name with the big cat shown in their logo
Badly Drawn Logos Warner Bros.Warner Bros.
Four brothers started it traveling around with a portable projector
It’s a film, TV and music production company
They own half of the CW television network
Badly Drawn Logos Chicago BullsChicago Bulls
This sports team is located in Chicago
It’s the logo for an NBA team
Michael Jordan played for this team from 1984 to 1993 and from 1995 to 1998