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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Þrír Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos AppleApple
Founded in 1976, its first retail store opened in 2001
This company is named for a fruit
Its products include Mac computers and the iPod
Badly Drawn Logos Air CanadaAir Canada
This company’s headquarters are in Montreal
You’d probably see this logo at Pearson International Airport
It’s Canada’s largest airline
Badly Drawn Logos Anheuser-BuschAnheuser-Busch
This company is named for its two German founders
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, it focuses on beverages
They operate thirteen breweries in the US
Badly Drawn Logos Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons
That logo depicts a bird of prey
It represents an American football team
Their home stadium is the Georgia Dome
Badly Drawn Logos AudiAudi
The name is a Latin translation of founder August Horch’s last name
The logo represents four companies that combined to form this one
It’s a German automobile manufacturer
Badly Drawn Logos CBSCBS
The iconic eye logo was created by William Golden and unveiled in 1951
It’s a major US television network
This station airs ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘NCIS’
Badly Drawn Logos ChampionChampion
It’s an American clothing manufacturer
They’re known for their sportswear, like hoodies and t-shirts
The name of the company is synonymous with victor or winner
Badly Drawn Logos CiscoCisco
This company started when a married couple wanted to email each other at work
Founded in 1984, they focus on communication and networking equipment
The company’s name is taken from the city name, San Francisco
Badly Drawn Logos Dairy QueenDairy Queen
In 1940, this food chain opened their first store in Joliet, Illinois
They own Orange Julius and Karmelkorn
They sell soft-serve ice cream treats like the Blizzard
Badly Drawn Logos DaewooDaewoo
Kim Woo Choong founded this corporation
It’s a large international trading company based in Korea
Scrambled, it’s ‘OOAWED’
Badly Drawn Logos DodgeDodge
In 1900, two brothers formed this company originally as a parts supplier
It’s a US based automobile manufacturer owned by Chrysler
They’re well known for models like the Ram and Caravan
Badly Drawn Logos ExpediaExpedia
This travel-focused company was first started by Microsoft
You can use their website to search for flights
Their name might remind you of the word ‘expedite’
Badly Drawn Logos FostersFosters
This beverage brand was started in 1887 by two brothers
Their slogans include ‘The Amber Nectar’ and ‘Australian for Beer’
The name is also a word meaning to nurture or care for something
Badly Drawn Logos The IncrediblesThe Incredibles
It represents a unique family
You would see this logo on a fictional superhero
It’s from a 2004 Disney-Pixar movie
Badly Drawn Logos The United WayThe United Way
It was founded in 1887 to address community issues
About 1,800 branches of this non-profit exist throughout the world
Their slogan is ‘Live United’
Badly Drawn Logos ThundercatsThundercats
It might remind you of Snarf, Cheetara and Lion-O
This logo represents a TV series that aired in the late ’80s
It’s about a group of humanoid cats
Badly Drawn Logos TivoTivo
This company was founded in 1997 and launched its device in 1999
Tim Tebow appeared in one of their 2012 ads
You use their product to record TV shows
Badly Drawn Logos Toyota Motor Corp.Toyota Motor Corp.
This Japanese company was founded in 1937
They produced the first mass-produced hybrid car
Their cars include the Corolla, Camry, and Prius
Badly Drawn Logos Toys R UsToys R Us
Charles Lazarus began this company as a baby furniture store
They debuted Geoffrey the Giraffe in the 1950s
They’re known for selling toys
Badly Drawn Logos TravelersTravelers
This insurance company operates mainly in the US
The red umbrella logo belonged to Citigroup until this company bought it back
Its New York Stock Exchange symbol is ‘TRV’
Badly Drawn Logos Green LanternGreen Lantern
This logo represents members of an intergalactic police force
Ryan Reynolds starred in a movie by this name in 2011
DC Comics created the logo for its ‘green’ characters
Badly Drawn Logos Holiday InnHoliday Inn
Express’ locations of this brand are usually smaller with fewer amenities
Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire were in a 1942 film by the same name
You might stay at this hotel chain while on holiday
Badly Drawn Logos HyundaiHyundai
It’s a South Korean car manufacturer
Their logo symbolizes a hand shake and the first letter of their name
The make the Sonata and Elantra
Badly Drawn Logos Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton
This French brand’s first product was a trunk
Marc Jacobs is the creative director for this luxury designer
Their monogram logo is often seen on their luggage, handbags and other goods
Badly Drawn Logos McAfeeMcAfee
Their motto is ‘Safe never sleeps’
Its founder was on the run in Central America during a recent scandal
This software company specializes in security
Badly Drawn Logos Arby'sArby’s
This fast food chain sells ‘good mood food’
They’re known for their roast beef sandwiches
The name stands for R.B., for the Raffel brothers who started it
Badly Drawn Logos Big BoyBig Boy
Bob Wian opened the first one in 1936, but called it ‘Bob’s Pantry’
A young fan of Bob’s burgers inspired the logo for this chain
Their big double-decker burger led to the restaurant’s current name
Badly Drawn Logos BluetoothBluetooth
This logo represents a wireless communications system
It’s name comes from a 10th century Danish King’s nickname
In 2000, the first mobile phone with this technology came out
Badly Drawn Logos ChryslerChrysler
Their innovations included power steering and replaceable oil filters
This automaker focuses on ‘affordable luxury’ vehicles
They make the Town and Country, Sebring, and PT Cruiser
Badly Drawn Logos Maxwell HouseMaxwell House
It’s ‘good to the last drop’
It was named for the hotel in Nashville, Tennessee that served it
Kraft Foods manufactures this coffee brand
Badly Drawn Logos MSNMSN
This name is attached to the Hotmail and Messenger services
It’s owned by Microsoft
The 3-letter name is best known as an internet portal
Badly Drawn Logos NestleNestle
A merger with a condensed milk factory led to this food company
It was founded in Switzerland by a German pharmacist
They make Nesquik chocolate milk
Badly Drawn Logos PoweradePowerade
You can get it in Mountain Berry Blast or Orange flavors
It’s a popular sports drink
PepsiCo makes Gatorade, but Coca-Cola makes this
Badly Drawn Logos QuiksilverQuiksilver
They own Roxy and DC
They were the first to make board shorts with Velcro and snaps
This surfer clothing brand is sold in stores like Zumies and PacSun
Badly Drawn Logos Sesame StreetSesame Street
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to this place?
It’s a long-running children’s TV show
You can find Elmo, Big Bird and Grover here
Badly Drawn Logos ShowtimeShowtime
CBS Corporation owns this TV network
Their shows include ‘Dexter’ and ‘Weeds’
Scrambled, it’s ‘TWOSHIME’
Badly Drawn Logos YamahaYamaha
The founder of this corporation built his first reed organ in 1887
This Japanese company’s logo shows 3 tuning forks
They’re known for musical instruments and motorcycles
Badly Drawn Logos National GeographicNational Geographic
This logo represents a society, magazine, and TV channel
This scientific and educational nonprofit started in 1888
The magazine is famous for its photographs of people, places, and nature
Badly Drawn Logos RenaultRenault
This French company is part of an alliance with Nissan
They began mass production in 1905 after a large order for taxis
Their popular car models include the Clio and Megane
Badly Drawn Logos Sun Life FinancialSun Life Financial
This financial company is best known for its life insurance
Their logo is meant to combine the sun and the earth
This Canadian corporation rhymes with ‘fun wife’

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