Action Movie FX ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Bad Robot Interactive

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

When an app has been named as app of the year for 2012 like Action Movie FX was then you know that there must be something very special about it. There have been a few apps on the iOS that have tried there very best to make people feel like they are working in a Hollywood studio making amazing FX features, but while many of these offer a amazing level of depth for many of us that are not movie makers they were a bit on the confusing side. Well Bad Robot Interactive also felt like this and made it there mission to make a app that is not only high quality, but a piece of cake to use as well.

The basic idea of this app is that you take a video you have already filed with your iOS device or you can make a brand new recording. For example my wife had a video of our dog running around the garden. Why she decide to take this video I have no idea, but boy am I glad she did. Because part of me always wondered how would my dog react if while he was running around the garden we came under a missile attack. Well thinking this may make me a little weird, but thanks to Action Movie FX I can make this happen.

What Action Movie FX does is let me add a ton of special effects to videos that we have filmed. It is so much fun and there is a huge selection to chose from just in the basic app. As well as this of course there are many more in the app store that you can also buy, but there is more than in enough in the basic pack to keep you happy for a while.

One cool thing is that a bunch of new special effects from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have been added. So if you have ever wanted to make it look like your kitchen has suffered an EMP attack from a terrorist nation now you can.

It is so easy to use that I really am at a loss to describe what you do. Record add your effect and then sit back and wait for your movie to come to life. That really is all there is to it and that is one of the main reasons that this was named app of the year. You can have so much fun with this. And even kids will be able to record something and add an effect. There are some more in depth options if you want like you can zoom in and stuff like that, but for the most part juts adding your desired effect to a basic video is more than enough fun.

One really cool thing is being able to share these videos on Facebook with your friends and family and again doing this is really something that anyone can do.

This is one of those apps that needs to be on everyone’s iOS device. You will spend a crazy amount of time playing with this, but what makes it great is all the time you spend playing with it will be doing what you want to do. So you will never be spending ages trying to figure out how to change or upload something because the interface is so well designed and easy to use.

Action Movie FX is a app that you simply must download. So go do it now and proceed to have some fun and blow stuff up!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store