Badly Drawn Movies ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Sporcle Inc

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I consider my self somewhat of a movie buff. I am always giving my friends and family the pleasure of my movie knowledge (well I do not think they see it as a pleasure) You know that annoying guy when you want to know what actor is in a particular move and instead of just telling you the answer give you a big ten hour long answer? Well that is me and I love games that test my movie knowledge, but Badly Drawn Movies is by far one of the oddest movie trivia games I have ever played.

The game looks terrible, but please note I mean that in a very complimentary way. You see the idea of this game is that you need to guess what the movie is. I am sure you are thinking that you have played games like this before and I am sure you have. But Badly Drawn Movies does things a little difference.

At the start of a round your meet a lovely little whale called Sharpy I think it is illegal to look at this guys cute little face and not smile. Anyway Sharpy is going to draw a iconic scene from a movie for you and the quicker you answer it the better. Sometimes you may be able to answer it after Sharpy has just drawn a few little lines. Other times it may take you forever to figure out just what in the heck Sharpy is drawing. Watching Sharpy draw reminds me of playing Pictionary with people who are terrible at drawing.

That is because Sharpy is a terrible artist and his drawings really are terrible, but in a good way. You see that is the point of the game as soon as you know the answer a light bulb will go off in your head and you will be like “oh yeah now I see it” Some of Sharpy’s drawings are really funny. I in particular got a kick out of the King Kong one. One thing that I think could have been handled better was the speed that Sharpy draws. He draws it far to fast. Sometimes I felt like I knew the answer fast, but by the time I had finished typing it in he had already finished his drawing.

This is a movie quiz game that is made for people who like movies and not just for die hard movie goers. You see all the movies in the game are pretty main stream and Sharpy for the most part will pick a very iconic scene. I have already mentioned King Kong, but for that movie he draws a giant ape on top of the Empire State Building. There are hints that you can do if you get to stuck, but in the time I played it I never really needed to use these.

This game is tremendous its under a buck, but honestly I feel that even at a couple of bucks it would be worth the purchase. If you like movie quizzes then this is a nice new way of testing your movie knowledge.
US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store