Mutant Fridge Review
Pros & Cons

Pros: Sticks to the nature of the show in terms of characters, fun upgrade system

Cons: Controls while simple are a bit odd to get used to

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Mutant Fridge developed by Turner Broadcasting offers a simple kids’ shooter game based off the hit cartoon “The Amazing adventures of Gumball”. The fridge along with the vegetables in it have become mutated and it’s your job to restore order.

You take on the role as either Gumball, Darwin, and or Anais in the quest to exterminate all the mutated food. Controls are simple and are based on the joystick movement that is seen in many iOS games. However at first controls may seem a bit weird as it takes getting used to the strafing-like movements in game. Each character you unlock during the early levels offer something unique. For example one has long range attacks in order to take out flying vegetables, while others are better for melee-based attacks. Characters are hot swappable in game so it makes for a versatile experience.

As you progress through the levels the enemies only get stronger and come in bigger quantities. To offset the repetitive wave style of levels the game offers an upgrade system allowing weapons, attacks, and power-ups to help you power through the game. After each level your characters have the ability to be upgraded at a cost of the coins you gather in each level.

Overall the game is a good buy for the fans of the show. However, know that there are many other (and for that matter better) games in that genre in the app-store. Though if you enjoy the show or have kids who do then by all means check out Mutant Fridge Mayhem for iOS today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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