Slender Rising by developer Michael Hegmann takes on the interesting thriller that is slender man. Slenderman for iOS is a horrific survival game priced at $3.

Slenderman rising is based off the game slenderman where you aim to survive in a forest from a tall slender creature. You have two game modes in rising, endless suspense or survival. Endless allows you continue to walk through the map collecting artifacts till you get caught or you can play survival where you have to collect 7 pages in order to escape. The main premise of the game is not to get caught, as you collect pages the difficulty ramps up. One major tip in game is to avoid back tracking or turning around as slenderman tends to track behind you. You always want to be moving and if you find yourself caught then swipe away from his deadly stare.

Slender Rising Review

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Controls are done via a tap and swipe gesture in order to move your character around the map. Though the game offers a joy stick option if you prefer that over the tapping. The game at its core is a horror game and the soundtrack as well as stunning HD graphics really do that justice. The experience overall provides a truly suspense thriller that most games can’t achieve. Graphics are all based off the unreal engine so you get stunning performance on top of great special effects. There are over 4 levels to choose from with multiple modes on each including night vision, daylight, night, and thunderstorm.

-Great Controls
-Great horrific soundtrack
-Multiple levels/game modes


Slender rising is based of the classic legend that is slenderman and it does that greatly. Playing this with headphones and at night creates an experience that is unlikely many other horror games in the app-store. The controls are superb and the attention to detail both on the graphical map end and soundtrack side are done amazingly. All of this in conjunction with a game that runs on your phone or tablet make for an epic mobile slenderman experience. Theres simply no other title that matches to this one on the mobile end. For that matter in the whole horror game category. At $3 you get more than a simple slenderman port but a true horror game in every sense of the word. The transition for this title to the small screen has been done in a way that doesn’t take away any features and keeps all the suspense. Find Slender Rising in the app-store today for $3.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store