Temple Run Brave is developed by Disney in conjunction with the makers of the original Temple run. Throwing the Brave movie theme on top of a classic title priced at $1.

Temple Run Brave is essentially a skinned version of the original game. Your objective is run through different obstacles and avoid crashing into things. falling off, or getting caught by the creatures that are following you. This game throws the Disney movie Brave characters and setting all onto that. All controls are similar to that of the original game. You swipe to control movement either jumping or sliding while tilting controls movement left and right. As you go through the game you try to survive for as long as you can as the game gets more and more difficult. One of the big updates with the brave version of temple run is the new graphics overhaul. All new effects and maps really add the whole brave theme into the mix. As you go through the immersive environments you collect coins allowing you to buy power ups etc afterwards. A big part of the game is also the level system, as you go through each time you gain more and more experience points. Temple run brave offers and endless amount play you go on as long as you can survive the fast paced action.

Temple Run Brave Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

-Great Visuals
-Easy Controls

-Same game new skin
-Tons of IAP

Though it uses the core of the temple run game there are a couple of new small features. The latest update to the game added an archery aspect to the game. You run along and see multiple targets scattered around the map and tapping them allows you shoot them and get points. You have to do this all however as you run through multiple obstacles like ledges, narrow pathways, and so much more. Multiple other characters are also unlock able via the game that are all based off Brave. Characters like King Fergus and Merida are just some of the characters. One big con you’ll find in the game are the ridiculous amount of in-app purchasing packages. Packages that try to sell you more and more coins to just get ahead and rank up your power-ups. Some cases the IAP range all the way up to $50 for coins you can get in the game. It’s a fun obstacle based action game that brings all the aspects of temple run to the disney brave movie. Though in my opinion you’ll only be spending the $1 on this if your a fan of the movie. Other than that you can just get the free version of the original title and enjoy relatively the same game play. If your fan and interested you can find Temple Run Brave for the iPhone/iPad in the app-store for $1 today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store