Scribblenauts remix by Warner Bros is a $1 creative game that involves you bringing items into the world that may help your objective.

Scribblenauts has over 50 levels of fun interactive environments. The main objective game is to type any words that may help you complete the level. Almost any word you can come up with the game brings it to life. Then you can interact with the object and move it into place. You get to let your imagination run wild and all to help solve a puzzle each level.

Controls are super simple tap and drag interface with a keyboard to type in any creations. The game has infinite solutions to the puzzles and is only limited by your imagination. Additionally you can get different avatars in the game and or freely create in the mode thats known as Scribble Pics. Save your playground of random items and send it off to twitter/facebook for sharing. Through the game you can purchase whats known as a world pass that allows you unlock all future expansion packs that come with over 40+ levels.

Scribblenauts Remix Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Solving each level brings on new challenges. In cases you may need a vehicle, animal, or even some sort of random item to help complete a task. Your puzzles may be as simple as giving 3 animals to a farmer or as difficult as protect the food and don’t upset the hippie by hurting the ants. It really varies throughout the game. Some levels your helping your own character to for example “catch butterflies” or your helping others by giving them objects that can help their unique situation.

-Creative gameplay
-Unlimited solutions
-Easy to use interface

-Could use more word support

This game really pushes your imagination and allows you to get creative. Thats the beauty of the game, there are so many possibilities. Each level brings on new promising challenges that can be solved by bringing in simple items or even complex words like “winged car” for example. The artwork on the game is superbly done with a sort of cartoon/comic book feel to it. Great other features like the ability to iCloud sync so you can play on multiple devices such as your iPhone or iPad, shake to undo is another nice implementation to the game. Game center support also allows you to keep track of your friends score and achievements so that you can compete against them. This game really offers unlimited amounts of fun at $1, get creative. Think it, create it, and implement it. A game in my opinion for all ages whether your young or old this puts imagination at the forefront. You can find scribblenauts remix fore the iPhone and iPad in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store