Might & Magic Clash of Heroes Review
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Might and Magic Clash of heroes is an award winning puzzle RPG by Ubisoft.

Available for iPhone and or iPad the game packs hours of gameplay into a mobile form factor. You live through the lives of 5 young heroes whose venture to save their world.

The game itself has over 20 hours of gameplay within its campaign mode, a variety of detailed maps, and overall rich cartoon design to it.

The controls of the game uses a sort of board game style movement. Tapping on each space advances your hero forward or backwards on the vast maps. Throughout the game you stop to interact with CPUs and battle off hordes of monsters. Might & Magic is an RPG so fighting and upgrades is one of its strong points. Battling itself has a sort of strategic setup to it. You organize your heroes in order to withstand attack from a different onset of enemies. Its system for upgrades and items is very detailed. Allowing you to upgrades champions spells, attack, and other stats.

Throughout the game you have big underlying storyline along with side quests, special challenges, and many bosses to fight. The RPG style is very well done for a mobile game. At $5 your getting every dollar worth of your purchase.



-20 hours+ gameplay

-Available in multiple languages

-Vast Map/Details

-Upgrade system is superb


– RPG style isn’t for everyone

– Tons of reading involved throughout the game

– Some cut scenes while long are un-skippable


On your quest through the world of might and magic you can choose to hire up to 10 other champions to help  you in battle. Building your army also consists of a bunch other upgrades. Theres over 40 different units themselves and 50 artifacts that you can achieve. Artifacts are used to create powerful army combinations to help battle against foes you encounter. Each battle is different and the system itself is very smooth for the amount of things going on. Following each battle in typical RPG fashion you get XP points to level up your heroes. The storyline itself while very lengthy is entertaining to those who’ll listen. There are many cut scenes and dialog you’ll encounter throughout the game so be prepared to sit through and read.

Overall Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is a very action packed RPG game for iOS. It’s worth every penny you put into it but its worth knowing what going in for before purchasing. If your not a fan of RPG with long drawn out quests and constant battles and upgrades, then this won’t be for you. Though if you do invest in it you won’t be disappointed with over 20 hours+ of gameplay to enjoy. A vast map to explore and delve into. The design and controls of the app are superbly done to where even if your new to RPGs you’ll be able to find your way around. Top it off with a great style of fantasy artwork and you have yourself one of the top RPGs for iOS. Find Might & Magic Clash of Heroes in the App-Store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store