Banana Kong Review
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Banana Kong by FDG entertainment is a cheap $1 platform runner where you run through jungle, caves and treetops trying not to get caught along the ride. You run, jump, and swing on vines all to avoid a gigantic pile of bananas from piling on you.

Banana Kong is your traditional platform runner with a jungle theme to it. You take on the role of a monkey speeding your way through the map and avoiding obstacles along the way. Controls are as simple as a couple swipes or taps. Tapping to jump over obstacles, swiping through with your special move to power through obstacles and using things like vines to swing across gaps. The art style is a great sort of cartoon approach which comes of great on a retina display. As you go through the theme begins to change from a jungle to caves and even tree tops. Other elements come into play like a boar & toucan which you can ride to overcome bigger obstacles that come later into the game. All the while your collecting bananas for extra points and to charge your special ability which allows you to break through things like rocks, statues, etc.

– Simple controls
– iPhone 5 Retina support
– Game Center support
– 10 second launch time

– Basic plat-former style of game if you have any others this isn’t much different
other than its jungle theme.

Whats one great thing about this game is the alternative routes you can take while in game. Certain paths will lead you to underground caves or other secret unlocks and extras. Banana Kong does a great job of increasing the pace throughout the game and taking it from scene to scene. Sometimes you’ll be using your parachute to fly through the air to collect bananas while other times you’ll be jumping over basic obstacles. Banana Kong is a nice genre into the common plat-former series. While it doesn’t offer much new if you already have your standard platform game this won’t be tremendously different. Though its only $1 and I can’t argue with that price for what you get. A really awesome fast paced jungle run experience. The game also in-app purchasing if your interested in getting banana bundles. Available for either iPhone or iPad, along with it latest update for retina support which is looks great. The app itself is quick and only takes 10 seconds from launch to jump right into the gameplay. Banana Kong is available for $1 in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store