robot unicorn attack review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Adult Swim

Robot Unicorn Attack started life out as a flash game. Not just any flash game you see this game had over 20 million plays on the Adult Swim website which is just insane. Adult Swim have brought many of the flash games from their website to the iOS. So with how popular this one was it really is not all that surprising to see it get an iOS release.

Now in trying to describe the presentation of this game let me just start with this. You play as a robot unicorn in a game with Always by Erasure as the soundtrack. That right there should give you an idea of that this is not really a game to be taken seriously. And the game never wants you to anyway. This is one of those games that just has that Adult Swim quality about it. It never takes itself serious and as a result the game looks great. I would have said sounds great, but I really am not an Erasure fan, but hey I will admit it adds to the weirdness of the game. But after a very short while my hand went to the top of my iPad to turn the sound all the way down.

Now as far as the game play goes this is another endless runner. And yes like all the rest your basic goal is really just to keep n running until you basically lose attention and make a mistake. This is a formula that has worked for countless iOS games and this one takes full advantage of that.

As the Robot Unicorn you are running along. Actually let me just stop right there. You know what it never actually tells you why the Root Unicorn is running, but the game us just so messed up you kind of just roll with it.

Anyway Robot Unicorn is always running forward and it is up to you to guide him, her or it through the level. Robot Unicorn has two abilities. One is to jump which is located on the left hand side of the screen. The jump is pretty varied as you can double jump and by holding down he jump button do a longer jump as well. So you do have a good amount of control when it comes to making your Robot Unicorn jump. You also have a dash button that is located on the right hand side of the screen. This can be used to crash trough stars which are scattered around the level in order to gain more points. When you get better at the game you can use the dash and jump abilities to string together some pretty cool combos.

Overall this is a nice enough game to play for a little while and if you were one of the millions of people who loved the flash game then I am sure you will love this as well. But for me while it does what it does pretty well. There are just better endless runners out there. It is not a bad game at all. It is just really you see all what it has to offer after a very short time. One thing I will give these guys credit for is there continuous updates that they have given the game since it was released.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store