Gorilla Workout Review
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Gorilla Workout by Heckr LLC is a fitness aerobic trainer app for the iPhone & iPad. It’s main aim is to provide a strength/aerobic trainer on the cheap at its $1 price point.

Gorilla Workout focuses on two things to help you get in shape, no equipment workouts and body-weight only routines combining cardio & strength. The app features over 40+ body weight exercises from push-ups all the way to burpees. The great thing about the app is it has 4 fitness levels so no matter where you rank it has tailored exercises for your skill level.

The App design is simple and clear to navigate. You start out by placing yourself into your level and then are introduced into your workout routines. Each routine gives you a workout for the day with reps/rounds. After you complete your workout it moves onto the next days routine. Additionally the app is packed with real life video & full text descriptions of each exercise in case you’ve never had any experience in them. This is great towards helping you find the form and correct way to do the workout in your routine.

-Simple app design
-Great instructional videos

-No Tracking built in

Gorilla workout also focuses on what are called signature workouts. These are specific workouts that help you reach additional goals in fitness, however these are only available via in-app purchases. The core of these workouts all go towards helping each of your body parts. Full body workouts that the app includes aims to help you target upper, lower and core body. The app also packs in some social sharing options to help motivate you by sharing out your accomplishments of fitness.

Though the app lacks ways to record your data of fitness which for some can be a big con. Overall Gorilla workout really is a budget fitness training app. While many other workout apps are premium priced this one focuses on non-equipment workouts so its something almost anyone can pick up and begin getting into shape. At $1 it really is worth picking up if your looking to get fit and learn some new workouts to help in building strength, endurance and more. Each workout routine is tailored to your skill so your placed in a routine that you can follow, free to upgrade or even downgrade levels at any time if you find the workouts to easy or hard. Gorilla workout is a great budget training app and can be found for iPhone, iPod and iPad in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store