Tennis in the Face Review
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Tennis in the face is a great physics based tennis ball game by 10 tons Ltd, where you aim to take out assorted enemies using a limited number of tennis balls.

You take on a role of a pro tennis player who looks to eradicate the city of an evil corporation. Each level offers new enemies with included obstacles. The controls are simple you aim by drag and letting go. A line of sight is offered to help assist you where your shot will be released. From there mayhem ensues and the ball begins to ricochet taking out enemies and obstacles along the way.

Multiple levels are included in tennis in the face and it offers a creative path for you to explore from level to level. Each new chapter of levels offers new enemies and even obstacles that make it more difficult to hit them. Its art style is very unique and the menu system is brilliantly implemented into the app. As the game progress you get new upgrades to your skill set. Things like exploding dynamite and so on.

Studying the maps can help you to strike efficiently, using less balls allow for a better score overall. The game possess a great sense of chaos. One ball can bounce off an obstacles and release mayhem all over the level. The basic objective is to take out all enemies before running out of balls.


-Great Art style
-Fun physics based engine
-Tons of levels

-Aiming can be a bit off at times

Overall Tennis in the face is a really fun physics based game for iOS. At $3 price point you get a game thats both universal for iPhone/iPad and over 100 levels of gameplay. Its super easy to pick up and is one the best bouncer genre games in the app-store. Packed with many other bonus levels and game center support you’ll find yourself having countless hours of fun going through the game and even replaying each level to increase your score. Find Tennis in the Face in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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