Dingle Dangle Review
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Dingle Dangle is physics based game where your aim is to collect small creatures using a crane from a ship.

The game has great 3D based graphics, coupled with retina support. It’s controls are fairly simple yet offer challenging aspects to it. You use two arrow buttons one to move the crane up and another to move it down. Additionally you can use the accelerometer to adjust the direction of the crane. This comes in handy as you’ll need to avoid hitting obstacles in the later levels.

Dingle Dangle puts you in place of a pirate family looking to help collect these creatures that need rescuing below ground. As the levels advance the creatures are hidden behind obstacles like spikes thus furthering the difficulty. Each level also has gems you can collect along the rescue to help earn extra points.
-HD Graphics
-Easy Controls
-Great # of levels


Physics is a big part in the gameplay of Dingle Dangle. As you pick up one creature you have the option to attach it to another to help chain the creatures together. This is implemented smoothly into the game and runs flawless in difficult situations.
Additional in game shop is available to help purchase upgrades for your rope and so on. Game center support is also nicely integrated to keep rack of your achievements and see how your friends stack up against your score.

Overall Dingle Dangle is a great physics based game that offers a fun unique play style. The game takes patience and precise movement to get through the levels. Each levels are unique and offer new and advanced obstacles. Dingle dangle is one of the best physics based games on the market and really gives that feel of a physical claw game. Find Dingle Dangle in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store