Wave Trip Review
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Wave trip is a unique iOS game that explores the realm of creativity and music through gaming. Developed by Lucky frame this $2 iPad/iPhone game really stands out in such a vast marketplace of games.

In wave trip you fly through levels ascending and descending through the air collecting little tokens that add onto your song. A song the whole level is being composed depending on which tokens you get, this causes the beat to repeat and vary the farther you get. Controls are basic you have one button to fly up and down, and another to activate your shield to protect from the harmful obstacles along the way. Wave trip has very unique style to it, a sort of artistic cartoon approach. The menus and interface are simply designed and easy to navigate.

The whole aim of the game is create unique music with a sort of electronic style. Wave trips game modes is where the creativity begins to unravel. Every player can create their own level using a detailed editor. You then can save the maps and upload them for other players to try out. You have the option to also see the most viewed, recent and other maps. Its a really interesting game at its $1 price point it offers a gameplay unlike any other app in the app-store.
-Unique Gameplay
-Simple interface
-Great level editor

-Not so much action packed more creativity based

That in mind the game is very different sort of play style. On the surface it is a game where your aiming to help out your friends by collecting these tokens and adding onto the song. However its not your traditional game where you fight enemies etc. Its more creative based and has a great set of modes to keep you entertained. However in recent updates, during my testing there was some bugs. Airplay had a big issue via iOS mirroring to mac/pc. Additionally users reported the game crashing frequently with the latest update. Seeing as the game is pretty intensive despite its appearance. Until they fix the latest bugs the game is a hit or a miss. Overall Wave Trip is unique and thats rare in this app market. Taking creativity to a new level exploring the category of music and gaming. Find wave trip in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store