Cracking Sands Review
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Cracking sands is a $2 action racing game by Polarbit. Your in a global warfare with a small pack of survivors aiming to do one thing, win the death races.

The game is all based on action packed racing, using speed as well as your trigger finger to overtake your opponents. Cracking sands has a great 3D-based graphic system that really brings the environments to life. While its based on timing and speed its also important to use your weapons to gain an edge in gameplay.

Controls are nicely laid out with accelerometer support as well as buttons for using weapons, jumping, and other actions. A great thing about Cracking Sands is its options to customize the controls to your liking whether it be tilting your device or using analogs on screen. Throughout the game you have the chance to build your character and customize him as a racer. Starting off with the character itself, you have options to get add-ons like gas masks which help you gain an advantage in game. From there you can also tweak your vehicle/kart and weapons system to really put you ahead your competition.

-Various Game Modes
-Great Graphics
-Immersive Maps
-Great Controls

-Current Update has a crashing bug

Cracking sands has over 6 game modes for you to venture to from time trials to straight up annihilation of your enemies. One of the bigger modes is the multiplayer support where you can face off against AI and other races worldwide to truly test your skills. The weapons and maps vary from missiles to guns and so much more. Each level is nicely crafted with nice alternative routes to go and just an overall immersive experience. As you race through each stage you pick up batteries that help charge your NOS boost which helps tremendously in races.

At $2 Cracking Sands is really a steal of a racing game. You get both fast paced racing and action based shooting all in one game. Not to mention its available for both iPad/iPhone, however in my testing the most recent update caused some crashing issues every now and then so hopefully thats fixed in the near future. Despite the bug Cracking Sands is still one of my favorite action packed racing games on iOS. It’s HD graphics, great controls, and upgrade system all packaged neatly into a $2 game. Find Cracking Sands in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store