zombies everywhere
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Useless Creations

I am a big sucker when it comes to anything involving zombies. Be it a video game, movie, book or whatever. There is just something really cool about zombies to me. And I never think they get old My wife always complains that all zombie movies are the same. And in a way they are, but who cares. Anyway Zombies Everywhere at a glance may look like your typical zombie shooter game, but this bad boy has one seriously cool gimmick. A gimmick that I was sure I would hate, but after just a few minutes I was hooked.

Zombies Everywhere is an augmented reality game. Now if you are reading this then I assume you have a basic understanding of what that is. If you don’t it is basically a case of you holding your iPhone or whatever up like a camera and then you see things on your screen as if they are really there. In all honesty this is a gimmick I have never gotten into. Until now that is.

You see Zombies Everywhere is a game that is literally supposed to be played everywhere. Take your iOS device out and about hold it up and you will see zombies. They may be walking towards your or they may even be eating some dude. No matter what they are doing if you want to survive you need to use your gun to shoot them down. It is just so freaking cool and I found myself hooked after just shooting down a couple of zombies.

I have so far played this on both my iPad and iPhone and while it does look great on the big iPad screen I find holding my iPad up like a camera a bit of a pain in the butt. Anyway you can really play this game anywhere. I was on a boring as hell grocery shopping trip with my wife the other day. While she was trying to find out what the best kind of paper towels were I was blasting a zombie who was walking down the toiletries isle. And even cooler was when we were at the checkout and it looked like there was a zombie coming out of the ground.

There are a few different game modes for you to have some fun with. You have survive or die or safe mode, but I would bet that the majority of people will be playing survive or die. And as well as this you do have a good variety of weapon options at your disposal as well. So while the concept may sound limited the developers have made sure to do all they can to make this a game that will still be fun after a couple of weeks.

If you are thinking right now “I do not want to play a game while I am out and about” then do not worry because a very recent update has made it so you can pay this game in your living room. This is pretty cool as it makes it look like you are in a cemetery. The game does lose some of its appeal if you play it this way, but it’s still a fun zombie shooter.

I am not a huge fan of this augmented reality stuff, but this game has really changed my mind. It is just so much fun and it is probably the best zombie game I have played these last few weeks. It is under a buck and as far as I am concerned it is amazing value for money.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store