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Developer: Zynga

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You may think that you have heard of Words With Friends before and chances are you are probably right. You see around 20 million people all around the globe are addicted to this game. So chances are you at the very least know someone who has mentioned this game. But is this a puzzle game that is for you.

The way this game looks is very similar to the classic game Scrabble. As a mater of fact I am sure that many people at a glance would probably confuse this for Scrabble. What I am trying to say is that from a looks point of view all this game is really is a board with letter tiles on it. This is not me putting the game down at all. I mean after all what else could they do and I for one like the simplicity here. It is all about the game. Sometimes puzzle games like to try and put in graphical effects that take away from the actual game.

The way that Words With Friends plays is juts like Scrabble. Where you have a series of letters and you need to try and make as high scoring word as possible. There are numerous tiles on the board that will earn you extra points if you can put your word on there. This is a game that is old as hell, but it is still just as much fun to play.

What makes Words With Friends so addictive however is the social aspect of the game. You see you will be playing against real people and the thing that I liked was that you could take your turn and even if the person you are playing against is not online the game will continue. And it will just let you know when they have taken their turn. I love this style of game and Words With Friends does something else really cool. It allows you to have 20 different games on the go at once. This stops you having to wait around half a day while your buddy gets off work to take his or her turn.

You do not just have to play against your friends either you can play against random people. Now this is very well done. You see the time it takes to find a new person to play against is very short. But one downfall to this is that there is no way of adding a stranger to your friends list. I had a really good game with some guy and would have liked to have played them again, but I have no way of getting in touch.

In all this is a great little word puzzle game. Sure it may not be offering anything new to the genre, but it is a ton of fun. And the way that it allows you to have up to 20 different games on the go at once means you should always have someone to play against.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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