wheres my waterFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Disney

To see solutions to all levels of this game please see: Where’s My Water Solutions.

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Disney’s Where’s My Water is one of the big success stories when it comes to games on the iOS. This game now is more than just a video game. It has spawned a great deal of merchandise. Just the other day I noticed you now get a Where’s My Water board game. And Disney now even has a little short animated series running on Disney XD. If you have wanted to see what the hype is all about then this free version is perfect for you.

Where’s My Water has that Disney charm by the bucket load. This is one fine looking game. Swampy the alligator is just adorable and his facial expressions are fantastic. He is a very friendly guy and all he wants to do is have a nice long shower. He lives in the sewers, but so do many other alligators and these guys have broken his plumbing. So its up to you to make sure that Swampy can have his shower and keep on smiling. I say it whenever I review a Disney game, but no mater what you think about Disney they do make amazing looking games.

The game play here is fun, tricky and very addicting. It is a game that can be played by kids and adults and be enjoyed by both. In a level there will be water and it is your job to get it down the pipes that lead into Swampy’s shower. The most common way you do this is by using your finger to dig through dirt to make a path way for the water. You have to be quite careful here as just bulldozing all the dirt with your finger will probably end up with the water going off the screen.

Some levels will mix things up with water being turned into ice and you having to melt it with lasers. Others will have the water be steam and you need to stop it floating up and out of the screen. For such a simple game there is a great deal of variety and some levels will really test your brain. Once you master each level you can get the bonus rubber ducks. You do this by making water flow through them. Sometimes you will need to make the water go on a somewhat scenic route to the pipes in order to get all the ducks.

Where’s My Water Free is a great game and even if you paid for the full version long ago you need to download this. Why you may very well be asking you self. Well the reason is that this free version features 20 exclusive levels not seen in the full game. It amazes me when in this day and age game developers do this.

Now one thing I will say is this. If you have kids you better be prepared to download the full game. Because I do not think there is a child who plays this who does not fall in love with Swampy. And to be honest this is a game that is well worth your money. But before that certainly give this free version a download.  To see solutions to all levels of this game please see: Where’s My Water Solutions.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store