If you love reading magazines, you will want to have some subscriptions for the top 10 iPad magazines that you can read at any time. Which ones you choose will be up to your own interests, these are the most popular though because of each magazine’s features and high quality reading experience for iPad users.

O Magazine offers a free thirty day subscription and is a hit with anyone that loves Oprah. It has recipes, messages from Oprah, quizzes and addresses all the important topics that are important to today’s woman.

If you are a techy, the Wired magazine app is a must have. Not only can you learn all about your iPad, you will get bonus content that isn’t available in print versions of the magazine.

The Huffington Post app, Huffington, is very similar to a Newsweek magazine, only for your iPod. It’s a collection of some of the best news reported from around the World Wide Web, all in one convenient app.

Gentlemen love Esquire and the iPad edition is an award winning app. There is exclusive content such as videos and more that aren’t available from the newsstand hard copies.

The Atlantic app doesn’t let you see how this magazine is one of the oldest in existence. Along with The Atlantic hard copy headlines, it also includes other relevant headlines from around the internet.

All sports fans love Sports Illustrated and now it’s available on iPad through the Sports Illustrated app. It includes live sports updates as well, so you won’t have to miss a thing.

The People magazine app has twice as many celeb and important people pictures than the newsstand copy. It also has additional content that won’t be found in the hard copy edition.

The National Geographic app includes images that stunningly come to life on your iPad screen. These images include pull up maps and additional interactive features that you won’t find in the paper version.

The Popular Science app for iPad allows you to pull a top layer to add new articles to current one so you can browse without having to navigate away from something you want to read later.

Everyone has heard of The New Yorker and the iPad app is every bit as famous as the newsstand copies.