When trying to decide what type of tablet you want to buy, knowing what makes the iPad better than an Android tablet should make it pretty easy to figure out which one will work best for you. The top features that make the iPad the best choice starts off with how it runs. The iPad has controlled hardware and operating system that make it an ultimately more stable platform over the Android. It will operate successfully for you with fewer bugs and a smoother overall experience.

Another feature about the iPad that is better than the Android tablet is the screen is bigger and it put into full use. The user interfaces are specially designed for the iPad instead of just being blown up smartphone apps, as the Android apps are. This means that you get an overall better visual experience with the iPad.

The iPad gets fewer malware infected apps to keep your tablet safer and sensitive information more secure. This is because Apple goes to great lengths to test every app before its released, where Google Play doesn’t test apps for their Android tablet as extensively. This provides a safer experience.

Apps such as the Epic Games Infinity Blade series are exclusive to the iPad because many developers prefer to not risk the piracy that is well known on Android devices. This gives iPad users apps that are not available on Android.

If you are into accessorizing, the iPad has the most accessories including iPad controlled robots, programmable pedalboards for guitars and even remote control drones that will video record. There is pretty much an app to help you do anything from write your next novel to potty train your toddler.

While both the iPad and the Android tablet have voice recognition, Siri is hands down the most advanced. She is easier to activate because all you need to do is tap the Home button on your iPad. Also, Siri will do more than any other voice recognition assistant app available on the market including looking up Google searches for you.

The iPad comes with iBeacon and AirDrop which allow for easier sharing capabilities over encrypted connections. While Android tablets have to “bump” one another to share data and apps, you can be in completely separate rooms and still share with your iPad.

The iPad also has AirPlay for faster connections and more bandwidth for multimedia use. This makes it the best wireless device on the market.

AirPrint is another exclusive feature that iPads have that Android tablets don’t. This feature allows you to print from remote locations without having to do any type of advance setup.

The iPad Game Center has been around longer than Google Play and operates more smoothly. It is easier to access and doesn’t need to be downloaded to an iPad as Google Play has to be downloaded to an Android app.

The iPad has Display Mirroring. This feature allows you to hook the iPad up to your television and whatever is showing up on your iPad screen will show up on your TV set. It also allows you to split the screen so you can send one image to your television and another one to your iPad.

The iPad’s FaceTime and iMessage is much more intuitive than any type of messaging and communication features that the Android tablet has. These allow you to place free text messages, voice calls or video chat.

Other great features of the iPad is it you can download iWork and iLife. This allows you to have a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, video editing capabilities, photo editing software and a music studio all on your iPad.