If you feel good doing good, then you will want to have some volunteer apps on your iPhone for those times that you can do something wonderful for others. Here are a few of the most popular:

The Check in for Good volunteering app for our iPhone is free and allows you to donate to causes just by checking in at your favorite participating businesses. You can either search for a cause and go to the businesses supporting that cause, or go to the business and donate to their cause. You can also create your own causes to raise money and ask your friends, family and businesses to help support your cause.

The VolunteerMatch is a free volunteering app for your iPhone that matches volunteers and organizations so you can choose to do whatever you most enjoy. For example, if you want to work online or go to special events, you can look up organizations and see what type of volunteers they need.

The Salvation Army Bellringer iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes for free and allows you to make donations to the Salvation Army anytime you like. You can also choose the tone of the bell you want to have played and make songs from different bell sounds.

The Reward Volunteers app is free for you to download to your iPhone and this app allows you to “Like” or comment on activities and promote opportunities you are a part of from your Facebook page. The more sharing you do on Facebook, the more points you earn. As you accumulate points, you can trade them in for cash, gift baskets and even cruises.

The PayItForward iPhone app costs $1.99 and gives you a new idea each week of some small thing you can do to make a difference. For example, helping someone get things in or out of their car, then when you are finished helping you “pay it forward” on the app to keep the cause going.

The Kiwanis International app for your iPhone is free to download. The Kiwanis has been around for many years and they focus on helping children. The app helps you find local Kiwanis clubs and keeps you up to date with volunteer opportunities. When you volunteer with them, you can use the app to track all of your activities and share them with friends. You can also fundraise for the Kiwanis and donate to the organization yourself through the app.

The Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide app costs $0.99 to be able to download to your iPhone. While this app doesn’t replace official first aid training, it will help coach you through emergencies if you are called on to help someone in need. It includes basic first aid concepts and keep you refreshed with any formal training you may have had.

The Maranatha Volunteers International app is free for you to download to your iPhone and helps you find volunteer opportunities all over the world. You can view photographs and stay up to date on your favorite causes as they are happening all over the world.