With every new update, the iPhone does more and more and oftentimes, a lot of the cool things you can do with you, you don’t even hear about. For example, you can have your emails read out loud to you by Siri. To do this, just command Siri to read your email and she will. She will read the sender’s name and when you received the message and the subject line as well. You can also ask her if you have any new emails that need to be read.

Another cool and convenient thing you can do with your iPhone is delete text messages that you just typed by shaking your iPhone. When you shake it, the undo option will appear and so you can also redo anything that you deleted on accident.

To quickly charge your iPhone, switch it to airplane mode right before you put in on your charger. This will allow the iPhone to charge twice as fast as it normally would.

If you want to see what time you got a text message on your iPhone, just swipe from left to right across the screen of your text. This will make the timestamp appear.

Instead of tapping on shift and then arrow every time you want to capitalize a letter, all you have to do is hit the shift key twice and it will type everything in caps until you double tap it again.

If you don’t want to have access to in-app purchases, you can switch those off by tapping on Settings, General, Restrictions, Enable Restrictions, and then scroll down to disable In-App Purchases

Another cool thing you can do with your iPhone is choose what type of vibration patterns you want to use. Just go into each contact and scroll down and you will see where you can set custom vibrations for individual contacts. This helps when you have the ringer off to still tell if an important call is coming through.