Meditation can be a challenging activity. Luckily there are apps that help you learn and achieve great results. Here are the best apps for your iPhone:

The iChakra app for your iPhone is $1.99 and is an eight part meditation guide that teaches you how to flow Kundalini Shakta energy through your chakras. It is designed by Guru Singh and recorded by Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa. It includes ten pages of text that teaches you all about chakra healing and the eight chakras. You will also learn about the benefits of meditation and how to use mantras. This app includes seven different Tibetan healing bowl tunes that you can choose from while you work on each specific chakra.

The Insight Timer – Meditation Timer iPhone app is $2.99 and uses different Tibetan singing bowl sounds. You can choose from eight different sounds from the variety of size and metals of the bowls and then design when they will ring at the start, end and other specified times during your meditation session. It also allows you to record your meditation moments and chart your progress. Plus you can view statistics related to your practice.

The Meditate – Meditation Timer app for your iPhone is free and has Tibetan singing bowls that ring at repeating intervals. There is a pause option and the option to restart your meditation session if you get interrupted. There is a cool down time, beautiful backgrounds to meditate on and preset meditations to help you practice. You can also customize the name, time and sound settings for your meditation routines.

The Self – A Meditation Machine iPhone for your app gives you reminders about when to meditate. You can practice the sounds of nature, enjoy soothing melodies or use binaural beats. You can then record your meditations in a journal, view your progress and statistics and export all of your data so you can share it with others or keep for your own use.

The Simply Being app for your iPhone is just $0.99 and has guided meditations that you can use to either relax or gain presence and clarity. There are four meditation times you can set and then the voice guided meditations take you step by step through your session. You can turn the background sounds on or off and those include music or nature sounds and those can continue on after your meditation time for as long as you want them to.

The Stress Doctor by Azumio iPhone app is $4.99 and encourages you to slow and calm your breathing and otherwise helps you relax. It serves as a biofeedback device too that you don’t need any additional hardware for by showing you a graph of your heart rate.

The Chakra Deck app for your iPhone is $1.99 and has seven cards for each chakra and a card that describes the aura. These can be used so you can learn to calm your mind and body through breathing exercises, yoga and meditation.

The Mindfulness App for iPhone is $1.99 and has a three minute, five minute, fifteen minute and thirty minute guided meditation so you can choose which one you have time for. There are also four silent meditations with bells, mindfulness notices, and guided body scan. There are options that you can use to set and access your meditation statistics.