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Level 461 Answer:
Riddle: I’m many people’s favorite place, even though many don’t remember their stay. You’ll love to come but hate to leave, if you get cold use my sleeves.
Hint: Where you sleep
Ans: BED

Level 462 Answer:
Riddle: I’m very tempting, so its said, I have a shiny coat of red, and my flesh is white beneath. I smell so sweet, taste good to eat, and help to guard your teeth.
Hint: Fruit

Level 463 Answer:
Riddle: I am a celebrity fish.
Hint: Animal

Level 464 Answer:
Riddle: You went into the woods and got me. You sat down to seek me. You brought me home because you couldn’t find me.
Hint: Small but painful

Level 465 Answer:
Riddle: My first, though water, cures no thirst, my next alone has soul, and when he lives upon my first, he then is called my whole.
Hint: Works on water

Level 466 Answer:
Riddle: Six legs, two heads, two hands, one long nose. Yet I use only four legs Wherever I go.
Hint: On ranch

Level 467 Answer:
Riddle: Of these things – I have two. One for me – and one for you. And when you ask about the price, I simply smile and nod twice.
Hint: Between two people

Level 468 Answer:
Riddle: I hatch without food
Hint: Urge to eat

Level 469 Answer:
Riddle: When I get closer my tail grows longer, but when I go away my tail leads the way.
Hint: In space

Level 470 Answer:
Riddle: When young, I am sweet in the sun. When middle-aged, I make you gay. When old, I am valued more than ever.
Hint: Alcohol

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See All Answers to the What Am I Game:
What Am I Answers / Solutions / Cheats

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