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Level 451 Answer:
Riddle: In many hall ways you would stand, if not with me in hand.
Hint: Lock’s friend
Ans: KEY

Level 452 Answer:
Riddle: If you’re looking for something sweet I know what to do. But if you don’t like heat I’m not for you.
Hint: Room in the house

Level 453 Answer:
Riddle: I’ll bring out your bulls, and slow your roll. I may even come out of your skull.
Hint: A color
Ans: RED

Level 454 Answer:
Riddle: I am the word that has three syllables and twenty six letters.
Hint: Starts with A, ends with T

Level 455 Answer:
Riddle: I am two-faced but bear only one. I have no legs but travel widely. Men spill much blood over me. Kings leave their imprint on me. I have greatest power when given away, yet lust for me keeps me locked away.
Hint: Place me in piggy banks

Level 456 Answer:
Riddle: I fly forever, Rest never.
Hint: Breeze

Level 457 Answer:
Riddle: I am the building with the most number of stories.
Hint: House of books

Level 458 Answer:
Riddle: Part carbon, part water, I am poison to the fishes. Many falsely claim my name, I am the pause that refreshes.
Hint: Drinks

Level 459 Answer:
Riddle: I’m tall, I’m round and hollow, Seems to get chewed a bit, But you’ll rarely see me unless the other end is lit.
Hint: Usually underground

Level 460 Answer:
Riddle: My days are numbered.
Hint: Tells dates

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See All Answers to the What Am I Game:
What Am I Answers / Solutions / Cheats

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