Tiny Legends: Heroes Review

Pros & Cons
Pros: Great item System, Vast amount of upgrades
Cons: RPG game style could take getting used to

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Tiny Legends is a great Role playing game built all on a mobile platform for your iPhone. Tiny Legends is developed by the guys at Triniti Interactive who are known for their RPG games.

Tiny Legends is a game that packs so much into one app and only priced at $1. Tiny legends starts you off with 3 characters or heroes a cleric, warrior and archer. The game revolves around you fighting off enemies on your quest and gathering experience to level and loot to buy new items. The game has an immersive item system which allows you to spec out all your characters and give them unique items. Additionally you can go to your home base to hire different heroes.

The controls of the game are pretty simple, when your in a fight the game fades to a battle ground and allows you to tap your character and drag which enemy to attack, additionally heroes like a cleric can heal your allies. Tiny Legends incorporates a lot of onscreen items and UI that at first may be daunting. Though after getting used to it you begin to learn things as you play, the learning curve may just be difficult for those who haven’t played an RPG before.

Tiny Legends runs with some decent cartoon styled 3D graphics and offer so much in terms of leveling and progressing through the game. You can alter you team of heroes to be all magic damage and or a mix which really brings variety to the experience.

There’s a lot to digest when jumping into the game but at $1 the game offers tons of features that make it well worth it. For the RPG gamer in you this brings a whole platform to a mobile device. Allowing for item, skill and character upgrade/customization. Controls take a bit of getting used to at times as enemies and allies clash in battle making it difficult to tap on specific things. The backpacking/item system is organized well and really makes for that adventure game experience. Tons of monsters and bosses to encounter along the way all set on top of a big quest that you and your team are set out to conquer. Overall Tiny Legends is a featured pack adventure and RPG game that works great on a mobile platform and is well worth the $1 price its being asked for.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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